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    Part of a DIY project is saving money. So shopping around is a must. The problem with shopping online is the shipping, so you have to factor that in, and price comparing. Bearings, wheels, sprockets, hubs, axles can all add up to about $150 for a Push trailer setup when ordering online. Unless you have a local supply then you only have to factor in gas, but most supplies stores won't have all the custom parts needed to suit your project. Here are some of the sites i used to buy parts from and a few more that I should have used. Some sites have parts alot cheaper then others so you have to make sure you make a list and pick and choose from which site has the cheapest, as long as you order all the parts at once then you won't have to pay double for shipping if you forget something or make changes and you'll save some bucks if on a tight budget. But don't order until your sure what you need.

    I got these from others on this forum and from DIYgokart.com


    Cheapest if seen for sprocket hub adapters.



    This site has most all bearings and also Great price on Sprockets. Sprockets are under Roller Chain category.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to add any others.
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    Hey Rgvkid great idea! Thanks for the links. I'll add to your list from my last build since you invited us to add. Take care, thanks again.

    Tubing 1/8 steel, Local company. 2", 1.5", 1.25", 1"___http://www.sspss.com/products.html

    Tube bender http://search.harborfreight.com/cpis...nder&Submit=Go

    Welder http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/cta...emnumber=98871

    Handle bars___ http://www.choppersus.com/store/prod...uiser-Moon-CP/

    Brake lever___ http://www.choppersus.com/store/prod...-Lever---Pair/

    Fork___ http://www.choppersus.com/store/prod...hopper-Chrome/

    Front wheel / rim___ http://www.choppersus.com/store/cate...heels---Steel/

    Peddles sprocket___ http://www.choppersus.com/store/prod...y-Silver-9-16/

    Seat___ http://www.choppersus.com/store/prod...ot-Rod-Flames/

    Braided lines___ http://www.choppersus.com/store/prod...nless-Per-Ft./

    Mirror___ http://www.choppersus.com/store/prod...drop-Right-CP/

    Throttle___ http://www.westcoastminichoppers.com/Page4.html

    Aluminum Bullet Axle Nut 1"___ http://www.bmikarts.com/shop/?cart=1...ords=axle+nut&

    Front Light___ Old model of a Kids Razor 12v kids motorcycle.

    License frame___ Walmart

    Tail light___ Walmart

    Licence Plate___ Self designed from photo of my youth

    Pillow block bearings___ http://www.pacificnorthwestbearing.n...c7ae9b4e63efdd

    Rear wheel and rim___ https://www.3rsalesandservice.com/ca...GATG12714Y.htm

    Axle and hub___ http://www.westcoastminichoppers.com/Page5.html

    Disk Brake___ http://www.westcoastminichoppers.com/Page5.html

    14 tooth freewheel___ http://www.cyclone-usa.com/store.php...crn=203&rn=301

    Jackshaft___ http://www.bmikarts.com/shop/index.php

    Jackshaft sprockets___ http://stores.ebay.com/Fremont-Industrial-Supply

    Chains___ Tractor supply

    Idle tensioner___ Tractor supply

    Rear fender___ Tractor supply (aluminum car ramp end)

    Plastic gas tank___ Ebay

    Saddle bag for tank___ Walmart

    SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery___ Radio shack or Batteries Plus

    Battery charger 1amp (for Lead Acid Battery___ Batteries Plus

    Centrif- clutch___ http://www.mfgsupply.com/GoMiniClutchExt.html

    Airbrush pen (6 years old)___ http://www.****blick.com/products/pa...-airbrush-set/ opps...Its called... d i c kblick.com with no spaces.

    Primer (sandable, scratch filling)___ Napa Auto

    Red oxide Spot filler/Putty___ Local Auto paint dealer

    Rust-oleum Paint___ Home Depot

    Acetone___ Home Depot
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    Also to add to the list....

    They are online and also have stores all over to save on shipping if you go to the store


    They have (in-store) every single sized nut and bolt you could EVER EVER imagine.

    They have (in-store) in incredible selection of flatbar, angle iron, channel, tube, pipe, and any other gosh darn thing made of metal.

    Pillow block bearings are always in store stock 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1+"

    Online selection is INCREDIBLE and ALWAYS in stock

    BTW... maybe this post should become a "STICKY" as it will help EVERYONE who wants or needs parts for a pusher!
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    Graucho, your work is awesome thanks for list. I can't imagine what you would come up with if you built a full size chopper, as in V-twin or sportster. Its great to see what people can come up with when they think outside the box.

    Beaudry, That link is great. I make Custom residental iron gates and i have been fabbing these custom screw setups for my wood gates in shop and fastnel sells a fastener that would cut my labor alot. Thanks for adding to the list.