I would like to recommend an excellent kickstand

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    Try the Double Leg Kickstand - Button Adjust from ************.com

    I have tried all of the "best" kickstands including the expensive Pletscher double leg kickstand. This really is, by far, the best.
    1) Functions perfectly, much easier to deploy and retract than the Pletscher, simply roll the bike backward (after bringing legs in contact with ground) or forward.
    2) Very STABLE with a wide stance, rubber feet and very rigid construction this stand can really be trusted when loading grocery panniers on the rear racks, or your child in a child-seat.
    3) Wonderfully easy to adjust, no cutting like the other fixed length kickstands, and if you ever move it to another bike, it can be readjusted.
    4) Craftsmanship and design are wonderful! Flawless, beautiful, solid, the details and form are really completely thought out and developed.
    5) Price, this can only be considered a supreme bargain when compared to the other kickstands on the market.
    Whoever designed this and stuck with it to bring it to market really deserves praise for a rare, excellent product at a reasonable price.
    Save time and $ - buy this first -
    Leroy Smith - Denver CO
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    Excellent product review.

    Shame it's the wrong time & place.

    this is the time & place to say "HI"
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    Since you didn't say "Hi", I'll save my "welcome".

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    One would almost think u had a vested interest in a particular brand of kickstand..........must be me with my suspicious nature. :whistling:
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    Welcome to the forum. The centerstand kickstands make roadside tire repairs much easier.