I'm screwed (pun intended...)

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    Well today my muffler broke off. I assume cheap hardware is to blame. The bolts holding muffler into the engine broke off and are still in the egine. I might be able to pull one out with pliers but the other one is inside too far. There's definitely no way to get that one out. So ... I'm screwed.

    The only option available is to find someone to actually weld the muffler onto the engine. Is that possible...and am I right..is that my only option???


  2. jkwidener

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    Have someone use a left handed drill bit or drill a hole in the middle of the bolt and use an easy out to remove it. Just make sure you do it correctly.
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    Ok thanks for the info! Never thought of that! :)
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    Just remember.................easy-outs aren't! TJ
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    also, i see this infomercial on the tv with a product perfectly designed for this
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    Try the Not-So Easy-Outs....i'de give u a 30% chance of success;sorry,practical experience.
    If your going to work on it further(instead of buying a new barrel) you'll probably need to drill & tap new bolt/stud threads to the next size up.
    I've never done this to a HT barrel but i have done it to a Grubee 4-stroke base & other things....always worked fine.

    PS...hope your muffler is secured cos that's alot of strain on those bolts/studs if it isn't.
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    Thanks for all the help guys - I'm going to take the bike to some sort of motor-repair/machine shop and see if they can do the Not-so-easy-out method. If that doesn't work....I'm buying a Ninja250 :)
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  9. Big Red

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    WHAT the @#%^ is a "not so easy out?" C'mon dude,lets not confuse the nubes. The guy thinks it's a REAL tool,It's NOT. AND drill it out with a left handed drill bit? WHY? Sometimes a left bit will grab the stud and screw it out, BUT, if yer gonna put a easy out to it, it Dont matter how you get the hole in the stud.
    SO BROTHER Birthnight, just drillahole dead center of the stud, insert the proper size easy out and screw it out.
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    if you have a drill , a drill bit and a flat screwdriver you should able to get it out! just drill the centre of it just about 5mm then hammer the screwdriver into the hole and screw it out.
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    Yeah zippin, I have a bunch of square driver tips that are just the right size to do it like that. AN easyout set is better though, And not very expensive. learn to do it the right way before you start experimenting with screwdrivers and stuff. Just saying.
    Big RED.
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    fifteen years in a machine shop and ive NEVER SEEN a left hand drill bit...

    ive seen reverse spiral flutes, ive seen straight flutes, ive seen 3 four and five flutes, but ive never ever seen a drill intended for rotating backwards!

    never heard of one, in any machining handbook, going back to 1930's...

    i guess a google search would say otherwise, but im stickin by my guns. left hand drill bit? wtf?

    must be like those "left handed screwdrivers" we send the apprentices to go buy...

    other than the one thats attached to the tips of those ezi-out self drilling self extracting bits.

    drill out to closest size, and pick out threads. drill out to next tapping size up, and rethread to larger size. drill out and use ezi-out or hammer in a square/torx bit for the same effect. sit there patiently with a dremel and grinding bit...

    new cylinder is $40. a shop will charge you $50 to remove the broken stud :jester:

    theres at least three types of ezi out available. i personally like the left hand spiral tapers, they dont need the "exact" sized drill bit.
  13. V 35

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    A new Cylinder is cheaper than a trip to the machine shop . As for repair, the question is, does it stick out, or is it broke flush, or below surface ?

    If a couple threads are above surface, screw on a nut, and MIG weld the nut to the stud . If flush or below, drill out starting with a very small bit, and working up to a larger size. Oftentimes, drilling takes the pressure off the bolt, and the stud comes out. If you can't get the stub out, keep drilling until you can tap hole. Note = Holes don't * have * to be metric, Small SAE may work ok.
  14. IbedaYank

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    pretty standard tooling for machineshops here in the USA..

    by using left handed bits you do not take the chance of turning the broken bolt further down into the hole but at times it turns right out just from the friction of the drilling with a left handed bit
  15. LR Jerry

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    After drilling the hole in the bolt spray it down good with Liquid Wrench and let it soak. Then it should help to loosen the bolt while extracting it.