I'm very happy with my bike!


Local time
11:48 PM
Apr 30, 2008
Boynton Beach, Fl
Today the ride for whatever reason was just great....motor was happy, seems like my "fat" top end issue just went away....**** in the carb maybe?

I actually cruised for about a mile doing 30.6mph! NOT WOT, either!
Amazing. I slowed it back down to a more comfy 20-25 for the other 3.5 miles..but it feels good.

I also changed gears (for pedaling) from 2nd to 3rd, and it's more comfortable to assist the takeoffs from the lights and I get up to speed quicker, too.

So all is good in the world with my Motored Bike, the BLUE DOGGIE, my new pal.

Tomorrow he goes to the bike shop to have the springers installed. $30 - can't beat that! That will surely make my ride sweet! I already have a suspended seat-post, so I should be good.

OK, just checking in... :)

the front-end will make it seem brand-new all over again...
have you considered a drum-brake to compliment the springer?
Are you getting the springer forks locally in Boynton? I'd like to get a set myself...

Man, i can't wait to get an engine on my bike. Who did you get your 70cc from BTW?
Good for you Mark. Glad that you got your front fork. That will really look cool once you have it on. I saw pictures of the fork and it really looks nice. You will have to tell us all how it rides when you get it on. Glad that every thing is going smooth with you and the Blue Dog!
I agree with Augi. I have a Sturmey-Archer drum on my front springers and the set up makes it a completely different bike.
Glad it's all working well for you. Have fun!
Hi guys:

Augi and Scott: Why switch braking systems? I think my front brakes on the Moon Dog are great - 1 finger will stop me at 20mph.

Bushido: I have a BoyGoFast kit, although I will buy from Bob (BlueCollar) in the future, as I've spoken with him on the phone, and he's good people...BGF was a fine transaction though...no issues and speedy delivery.

The forks were from eBay. I was told that they are Schwinn-compatible, so that's what I got. I'm getting ready to take the bike to the shop now...I'm sure they'll tell me if there's a fit problem.

You're in Del Ray, right? We need to ride together soon! How's your build progressing? Let me know if you need any help, and if you'd like to come to Boynton to check it out, just let me know. My office building is at the Boynton Beach Mall.

Crab: Of course I'll post a pic for ya!

OK, I'm outta here!