Bike bucking

Exactly the reason why I only use the Hyper beach cruisers anymore. there is a front motor mount that is an exact fit that you don't have to make yourself...If I had known about it before I built my own, I could have saved myself alot of time and

Everything I use to build a bike can be found in my tutorial as well as "off the rack" stuff to use where I had made my own.

My biggest problem with these bike frames and cruiser frames is that the tubes are actually too thick for the motor mounts in fact motor that I'm using on my bike right now I was actually going to put onto a Schwinn sidewinder until I found out that there was clearance issues with the rear forks I even spent half the day embarrassingly enough grinding away at the front motor mount to make it sit on the flat tube on the top
Whoo-hoo, you should have come around here first. I could have showed you how to use a basic muffler clamp to make a new F/R mounts.