Clutch camshaft issue


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1:53 PM
Nov 20, 2023
Stockton CA
I have an 80cc 2 stroke china doll motor and I've replaced the clutch camshaft rod 2 times now because it keeps getting gouged by the bucking bar and then won't engage the motor to start up and I'll replace the rod take her for a spin she starts up fine then I park it and when I go for another ride it won't engage and it's the rod again. Why is this happening
Do you still have the little ball that goes in first followed by the rod? If you loose that you are in a world of trouble
Funny story...I pulled my rod out to grease it and when I finished the build I realized my clutch wasn't working. I looked inside and the ball was gone. I figured it probably just didn't get thrown in during assembly because China. Ordered new bucking bar, rod, and ball. Waited a few days for delivery and when I opened up the can of grease....there was my little ball 🤦‍♂️ now I have spare parts 🤷‍♂️