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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by impression, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Hey all.

    so i've got my hands on another bike and working on it as we speak, went for a test run or two in the last 2 days ( clocked 150k's ) and with a top speed of 55.2km/h it's pretty quick ( 44tooth sprocket)

    Now, i had an engine mount bolt shear off during a ride ( replace all bolts with good ones people) and i'm doing a complete engine and bike rebuild should be done by tomorrow afternoon

    I'll have a few pics by then too :D

  2. impression

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    well, my bike was built with a few troubles, and 1 major problem still pending

    prob 1. Clutch needed adjusting
    prob 2. bike wouldn't start
    prob 3. throttle stuck open
    prob 4. bolt sheared off inside engine mount

    Prob4 is a big issue and is still being looked at. prob 1-3 are fixed though and the bike is looking sweet.

    With prob 4. I tried to use easy-outs, but in pre-drilling the hole for the easy-out to use, the drill bit in which i used for the 'pre-drill' hole, snapped and embedded itself inside the sheared bolt.
  3. impression

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    ok, prob 4 is fixed, and i picked up a larger engine anyway, it's all together and now just going to dismantle for the paintjob :)
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    The drill bit sheared off when making the entry for the easy-out?

    Man, I'm sorry. Don't it always seem to go something like that?

    But it sounds like you've got that sorted out. glad to hear it.

    have fun.
  5. impression

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    well, another bolt sheared and replaced, and taking it to class for it's first real test run and it blew 2 exhaust gaskets :/

    experimenting now with rubber mounting :)
  6. impression

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    OK rubber mounting is sweet.

    got a new set of problems to deal with

    Set up engine on new lightweight bike

    1. Exhaust was fixed up with the help of stv1jzgte off these forums, thanks a heap mate :D

    2. Thread stripped on the barrel for the exhaust mount :S

    the stripped thread is the last problem before she's all sweet i believe