Inexpensive Electric motorized bicycle parts

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    These guys sell curry parts for a good price .
    Just a link to a 600 watt motor.
    They have a lot more throttles, motors controllers, chain, and belt drive electric bicycle stuff.

    or a nice throttle. at a nice price

    Post links to good stuff please.

    For a battery I would have to recommend safe's nicad setup .

    I think lipo's are too dangerous.

  2. AussieJester

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    Magura throttles are considered the "rolls Royce" of e-bike throttles nuch better quality than the cheapo scooter controlers...

    I would like to add

    TNC Scooter

    They supply cheap brushed motors and controllers that can be used for

    Batteries....I'm aware of the the precautions that need to be taken when using Lipos and would recommend
    them in a heart beat to anyone willing to read up on the tech, the ruels to follow are very very simple the
    consiquences if you don't are flaming pack, currently there is no chemistry that comes close the the energy density of the lipo
    ..for those that don't i would HIGHLY recommend Lifep04 batteries from

    Nicads are 'ok' but way to heavy in comparison to the above two mentioned chemistries and you need over
    100 individual cells :-S (money down Safe will tell us all about his pvc tubes now)

    For those only need a low 'C' rated batter ie pulling under 40-50amp the duct tape packs
    from ebay seller PING are relatively cheap and he unlike many other chinesse sellers
    offer very good customer service, sending replacement cells and bms on occasion customers
    have problems with their packs.

    Also for brushless bolt on NON HUB motor kits

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  3. spad4me

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    Those kits from cyclone Taiwan look very nice .
    I see they include the front freewheel setup similar to the one I purchased from sickbikeparts .
    I need to check on the SHIPPING.
    Thanks for the link.
    I also need to check up on PING duct tape batteries.
  4. AussieJester

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    Not the "similar" exact SBP purchase the cranks and freewheel (not the HD freewhell thats Whit Industry item) from Cyclone :)

    The cheapo freewheel is the achilies heel of the kit and should be replaced with the ENO HD freewheel...SBP carry a non - toothed version for those
    unable to remove the teeth themselves ;-) I was told by Paul from SBP that this non-tooth version is made exclusively for them, shall get back to the forum on that, i have emailed White Industries asking if the item can be ordered through a local White Industry distributor, If you wish to buy freewheel cranks check with your LBS, the cranks used are EXACTLY the same as trial cranks (you WILL pay more for them they are superior quality) And white industries have a list of agents for their ENO freewheels, check for your nearest Distributor...

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  6. AussieJester

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    I'm prolly not the best one to ask about using alternator motor for e-bike TBH not something i have looked into or would for that matter. Being a 3 phase motor though . would think a suitable controller would be the hardest part, going with a servo tester and the magura throttle you linked to above would prolly be an option as they are PWM but finding one that would run the motor to its limits might be i said though, prolly not the best person to ask. ...IMHO with the price of brushed and even brushless motors and their respective controllers Its less hassle paying the extra bucks for an "off the shelf " solution...**** you can get 1000watt hub motor kits for less than $AU300 bucks now off Ebay if you want to go the quick/cheap/easy route :) Actually surprised safe hasn't looked at it...or has he? He's looking at every other kind of solution, perhaps fling him a PM and ask what he thinks mate ...good luck with it anywayz be interested to see what you can dig up...

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    Why do you guys prefer over I didn't know advertising was allowed in just any thread, but since it obviously is, I'll plug You can get electric motor package deals that include the controller and throttle. The price probably ends up about the same as buying separately. The only problem I have with all these motors is that they always come with a #25 sprocket for that toy like chain and there seems to be no way of buying a bicycle chain type sprocket that will fit the shafts. These scooter parts sellers need to recognize that a great portion of their goods are being sold to bike people, not those toy scooter people.
  8. AussieJester

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    Because Cyclone TW are the manufactuers and offer a MUCH bigger variety of kits Cylcone US dont sell anything over..500watt Cyclone Taiwan have upto and including DUAL 1200WAtt brushless kits

    RE: the #25 chain it aint a TOY chain i give you the tip they have a tensile strength of over 700lbs (~320kilo) i have seen more torque put through one than you ever could with 3-4 49cc motors check the 12500KW thread in electric section THAT has #25 chain coming OFF the dual ~6kw motors....runs 0 to 40mph in a touch over 3 seconds (gear limited) i would think puts a **** of a load on the chain wouldn't you? If you don't like them though TNC Scooters sells the appropriate chain for fitting to the motors to use bicycle chain, i wouldn't recommend it though the #25 is ALOT quieter, NO legal electric bicycle will break one it would be an impossibility to break one with a 49cc motor they simply dont have the power... the 1000watt scooter motor has ****load more torque and power than them and they don't break, i know i use one on my 1000watt motor!

    As to advertising, i have no associations with ANY of the companies i linked to, simply recommending them from either my experience or those i know that have bought from them, no different from the dozens of times i have seen people recommend sick bike parts in numerous threads.


    EDIT: I dunno HOW i forgot this link

    For those wanting INSANE power Matt Schumaker is your man to see, he builds custom electric Trikes (he is an agent for KMX Trikes now) He also sells a variety of Reduction drives electric RC motors speed controllers etc etc EVERYTHING you need to fit an RC setup to your bicyle...examples of his superb work-->


    (^^^ drive that is on the 12500KW trike in Matts video i linkes to above :) obviously chain NOT on drive in that pic but the #25 sprocket IS)


    (Two Stage drive with 6kw motor AND it uses a #25 chain also :) )


    Single stage drive...i have one of these on order for my next project :)

    I wont list any prices if interested Email Matt or pm him here on Motoredbikes or Endless Sphere his nickname is Recumpence...

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    Isn't it true that #25 chain has no rollers? Wouldn't that mean that there would be a lot of friction thus wear out quickly?
  10. AussieJester

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    Mine have no rollers unsure if you can get them with. I doubt it would have a great effect v's a bicycle chain simply due to size difference ie: contact area of chain and roller....but thats just speculation. All i can verify is i have broken bicycle chain (was second hand i admit) on my trike but have yet to break a #25 and they are ALOT quieter...

  11. mrspock

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    My main issue with #25 chain is that it doesn't match up with the bike's stock sprocket. It's either a case of changing the motor sprocket to a bike sprocket or change the bike wheel sprocket to #25. Either way can be a challenge.
  12. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member i mentioned TNC Scooters sell the appropriate sprockets so no need to now, i actually grabbed one myself and tried it out on my trike...lasted one trip around the block before reverting back to the #25 night and day difference in the noise...I can see though with a more "stock" instal it would be an issue luckily i didnt have this my motor/drive sprocket are separate from the bicyle chain drive side...:)

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  14. spad4me

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    Good they have lots more controllers motors chains and throttles.
    If any body knows of similar prices on electric bike parts post them Please.
  15. Luka

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    Not so good.

    I wanted that motor.

    I had already bookmarked the page...

    Finally had the money... And believe it or not, was about to go order it. LOL

    I swear, I was about to order it, and had clicked here to check this thread out, first.


    Realized your link was familiar, clicked on it.. and... Sold out !

    Yikes !!

    Next best is only 450watts. I needed the 600 watts at least.
  16. AussieJester

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    TNC Scooters sell very similar brushed motors mate have up to 1000watt link on first page...

  17. safe

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    For an "ebike" you should be okay with 450 watts if you really just want "assistance" in getting around. Professional bike racers can't even sustain 450 watts of pedal power over longer distances.

    What seems to be happening is that there is an "outlaw element" that is dominating the internet where all these ebikes are being modified so that are way, way, way past legal. (it started with "Big Iron" and has now shifted to RC motors, but the problem is the same)

    In America 750 watts is all you get... otherwise you become an outlaw...

    So don't be so sold on all this big power talk... 450 watts can still be fun and is legal.

    Also, if you are looking for low prices the big power is actually very expensive $$$. So the whole idea of the thread (low price, minimal design) doesn't fit with big power. One of the recent big power modified bikes was sold for something like $5K so it's a totally high priced area to get into.

    TNCScooters offer good priced parts on the low end, but it's hard to press those brushed motors to higher levels without them falling apart. If you buy the motor and run them stock and at the rated voltage they will last a long time. I went about 3000 miles on one of the 1000 watt motors before it failed. (running it at it's stock voltage)

    On the downside, once those motors fail (it's the brushes and commutators every time) they cannot be fixed so you end up being addicted to buying new motors every time they fail.

    For people who just want to get started with ebikes the TNCScooters motors are a good place to start. (buy one of the motors with a built in geardown and you should be able to more or less bolt the motor to the bike and ride)


    Note: This #420 chain sprocket is too wide for a normal bicycle chain, but it's the right groove shape... so if you can grind it down to be a little thinner it will work with bicycle chains. Or, you could buy an actual #420 chain and it will work on ordinary bicycle sprockets.

    With the built in gear reducer it's best power is at 480 rpm... which means you want to have this 10 tooth sprocket mesh with your front chainring at about 48 teeth in the front. (standard sizing)

    You have to decide whether you want one chain or two... two is easier to set up I think... but it's up to you to decide...


    The Cyclone motors are the next step up in price and quality. They are easy to install.

    You also might start with a cheap hub motor as an option.

    ...the Crystalyte hub motors are the higher end, but like with everything the price goes up. (From $300 to $600)
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  18. spad4me

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    Lowes sells a ten foot length of #420 chain with a masterlink for less than $20.00.. I use this size on my happytime .everything else is, Too flimsy ,unavailable, or shipping is too expensive .
  19. Luka

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    Thank you very much for the excellent response/data.

    My own criteria: I am fat. (280 pounds.) I am on a fixed income. (Retired.)

    So, I need something that will have plenty of low end torque, for as low a cost as possible. At first, I am going to need a LOT of help to get up the steep hills, where I live.

    Technical criteria: In the state of Washington, the upper limit for an electric assist motor is 1000w. And I prefer electric to ICE. First and foremost because of pollution, maintenance, cost of gas, etc. But secondly because as long as your electric motor is 1000w or less, your bike is considered and treated as a bike. No registration, legal anywhere a regular bike is legal, etc...

    My biggest motivation here is to lose some weight. I have always liked riding bikes. I have built several bikes from scratch,in the past. Including building the wheels.

    At this point in time, I am just looking to get my foot in the door, so to speak. I actually bought a used bike. (Gasp ! LOL Didn't build one, this time.) As a way to keep the spark of motivation, fanned.

    I am still on the cusp about what to 'build'. Leaning toward a push trailer. But open to whatever I can get built up, for what I can afford. Friction drive, and/or a trike build are also on the table.

    After following your links, I am actually liking the hub motors. I have a few questions...

    Have you or anyone else, dealt with that company ? (

    What kind of 'service' did you recieve ?

    How reliable are the hub motors ? (Am I going to have to replace it often ? Do a lot of service ? Etc.)

    Just how much 'help' is one of these going to give a hippo, up a hill that is near 40 degrees incline ???

    What else do I need, besides the hub motor, to make this work ?

    Again, thank you very much.

    If you or the mods would rather I just started my own thread for all this, please let me know. (Mods: if that is the case, you can delete this.)
  20. spad4me

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    No ill will is intended.
    This is the most bang for your buck.

    It is an internal combustion 2 stroke powered solution to climbing your 40 degree Paved slope.
    A 56 tooth sprocket for the rear wheel.
    Buy a dax f80 engine kit.

    If you live in an apartment you must park 20 feet away from the building.
    Lock it securely with three locks. No kidding .
    I have had a motorized bicycle hacksawed in half when some one tried to steal it.
    You are going to go through rims and tubes like you would not believe.
    I had to go no mor flats .
    Total cost is $183.99 from thats dax.

    I am not concerned with going out it is coming back home that needs a lot of power.
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