Installed New Clutch, couple questions

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by SdCruizer, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. SdCruizer

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    Got one of those centrifical clutches
    Of course had no instructions and seemed to be missing 2 screws for the cover
    Had to make 2 gaskets to keep the cover out more, it rubbed internally
    would of been nice if they included those

    I had found a website that had instructions but I still have a problem
    on the new cover there is a threaded hole, whats that for. Do I plug it up?
    the extra screws that I have left over with the clutch wont fit. One is a tiny silver one, one is a long one that fits into the clutch and I think some washers were left over


    I used the long one with my slide hammer to pull out the clutch, im guessing thats what its for. But the small silver screw and washers I cant figure out what there for.

    Here are the pedals I bent to go around the clutch

    boygofast sent me the same crank as my stock ones even though I ordered the wider style, so at first I bent his. Then riding it the pin that rests in the sprocket falls out. Looks to have been soldered on.
    So a bike store gave me a used crank for free and this one the pin looks to be part of the mold. I will paint it black to match.

    right now it seems one shoe is engaged at idle so I get a slight clacking
    im hoping once they wear in a little it will stop
    its quiet under power no extra noise. Only rode around the block 2 times but I think I now coast better not sure yet. Its a little choppy taking off from a dead stop without pedaling but probably have to wear down some form to the bell

    Do they make stiffer springs to change the engagement at higher rpm's like they do on scooters, or is it pretty much a no mod item

  2. HeadSmess

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    if they dont supply alternate springs (more than likely) im fairly sure you would find something stiffer. or be able to get them made...

    id plug the hole up to stop grit getting in. actually, i wouldnt. im lazy. but you should :)

    probably to squirt oil in through occasionally.
  3. SdCruizer

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    oil will get into the main clutch if I squirt oil in that hole, thats not a good idea

    I have dynamat inside for noise control so the hole is blocked by that

    I did find out the longer screw is used to pop off the clutch if you run it all the way in, I was using it with a slide hammer but I tried that way and it comes off good

    so all thats left is a fatter silver screw and washer/lock washer
    silver screw does not fit anywhere I can see
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    i didnt think it had a main clutch once its gone centrifugal?

    ive always found most centrifugal clutches dont mind a bit of oil...they keep engaging harder as rpm increases, unlike cone, plate or spring clutches, which, barring the exception of the spring clutch, dont like oil at all.

    then theres the wet type multi plate clutches on bikes that use lots of seperate plates to lower the load on each individual plate/friction surface. so that at max power they dont slip.makes for a compact unit. a standard plate clutch(car type) needs to be built larger in diameter with stronger springs to resist slipping with more power. stronger springs equals more effort at the pedal...