Internal/semi integrated headset pickle

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its just pressed in cups that allowed the 1 1/8' on the Neco headset. new forks are 1" though. I meet just build a second bike now LOL. UGG ;)
Oh I see your problem I had a similar one. I bought a 1 1/8 suspension fork but the Micargi predator had a 1 inch to start with so I had to buy a separate one. I believe you can still use the 1 inch with the proper cups just can't go the other way like in my case.
Call a bike shop say u need to adapt a 1 1/8 forked bike to the 1 inch they will hook u up.
That would work if the headset was an external cup type, that's easy; but (AFAIK) there is nothing to adapt a 1" steerer to the frame that's made for a newer semi integrated type 1&1/8" headset.
Not saying the OP shouldn't call the LBS but it is vital to include the words "semi integrated".
rip. Hey Misanthropy maybe try a suntour 1 1/8 suspension fork unless you really like the springer type the suntour is what the bike guys call a "beginner fork" or a midrange. I got 2 on both my bikes no complaints so far.
Don't know if this is helpful or not but I'm doing the same thing (1 1/8" headset to 1" front end) and I'm just going to get an aluminum spacer turned on a lathe, if you don't have access to a lathe get one turned at a machine shop. It's and extremely simple part so itshouldn't be too expensive, however I don't think there is anything like this available at any bicycle shop.
Hope this helps