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    There I was riding home and bup.bup.bup! I lost all power. I pull of to the side of the road (It has to be on the steepest section) I check my connections, OK check the tank, OK. I give it a little prime pump and it kind of falters for a while and then goes at half power until it takes off again. Now its going at a good clip but not as well as the ride into town, I am going to pull the plug and see how that looks.


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    I had the same problem. I put mine down to sh*t gas/fuel. When i changed the fuel it worked correctly again.
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    sometimes, if your carb is at a slight angle or if the float level isn't set right, the bowl will run out of gas before it can be refilled by the gravity feed.
    also, if you have an in-line fuel filter that has junk in it, this will limit the flow to the float bowl.
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    I had HUGE problems because my tank wasn't ventilated well enough. To test that, as you are going along and you start to lose power, loosen the gas cap. If you begin to gain power again, you will know your cap isn't ventilated enough.
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    gas vent not a problem

    I don't think the gas starvation do to a vapor lock was a problem. I over filled my tank before I left(got it all the way to the top of the cap). On the way down the street I noticed because of the vibration there was gas coming out of the tank and splashing on my legs.

    I slowed down and pulled over to a little store, got some napkins and wiped off my tank. I think if its able to leak gas its probably open enough to have air come in.

    good suggestion though, mike
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