It will NEVER stop. FL gas powered bikes banned on public roads, DMV official word

Discussion in 'Laws, Legislation & Emissions' started by Newmotorguy, Jun 9, 2011.

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  1. Newmotorguy

    Newmotorguy Guest

    They keep trying to stop me from posting the DMV SIGNED OFFICIAL DOCUMENT ON LETTERHEAD stating gas powered bicycles are NOT allowed, under motor power, on public roads..

    I will be posting it tomorrow...
    They keep TRYING to ban my accounts....

    Don't worry, they can keep banning and I will keep posting!

    I will even have all the people that have PM'd me, post the OFFICIAL WORD FROM THE FLORIDA DMV..

    They can't ban us all!!

    I can't wait to see them try to ban all the accounts that post the TRUTH!!

    Go ahead, ban this account and I will just create another one, until the TRUTH IS KNOWN BY ALL!!

    P.S. The moderator who keeps banning me is friends with some of the posters here and they've been using their friendship of him to try to keep the truth from you.

    Don't get caught riding under power or the police can and will ticket you..

    The agenda of the moderator is to keep his buddies' gas motor business alive, even though they are illegal to put on a bicycle in Florida...


    All the moderator had to do was wait until tomorrow when I post the document and then just leave it alone..
    Until they change the law ON THE BOOKS, gas powered bicycles will not be allowed on Florida public roads.
    IF/WHEN they do change the law, I will be sure to post!
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  2. Newmotorguy

    Newmotorguy Guest

    And thats why i said "IF".. You just proved my point exactly!
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  3. Gene

    Gene Member

    It was mentioned that the personnel that wrote this letter were the highest officials at DMV. If this is the case what they say goes a long way. Many of the rules are written and implemented by people in these positions. It is not the legislature that writes all the regulations. Laws are passed and then administrators make the rules. It is done like this every where just look at the new health care bill. So if these people are saying this in a letter to a citizen it seems to me it will not be too long before it appears in pdf's at the local dmv and on sheriffs desks. I think we need to get organized in some way to try to offset this impending change of rules. One thing I would try to do is get a homemade moped tag immediately.
  4. occchopperfl

    occchopperfl Member

    Hi Guys,


    Obviously your heart is into getting the correct facts out.

    I was going to share an idea with you to be super respectful, and not create too many waves. (Seems like thats not going to happen...)

    And as much as i'm from the point of view to leave good enough alone, as well as me being initially mad with your "over inquisitiveness" when legal questions seemed to be answered by the is what it is.

    Do your thing, and post your post.


    Yes, "squeaking in" under the radar and as a moped makes sense. Again, im not suggesting anything wrong or improper.

    Ride that Thing!
    or is it...
    Ride that Thing???

    :) lol!
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