Jetting and reed valve relationships

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by gary55, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. gary55

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    I just installed a rse reed. The engine is 66cc ported intake exhaust and transfers. Matched everything including case to transfers. ramped piston at transfers and milled skirt at intake. Has jag. cdi, rse 6cc head and exp. chamber off a honda 50 pro. Delortto clone carb with 68 jet. Elev. 5200 ft. Jack shafted to a nexus 4 speed internal hub on a Kustom Kruiser Moto Glide. I know that was a bit long winded, but the question is after reed install I am four stroking earlier at the top end, and was wondering if I should be jetted larger after reed install? Maybe 70 or 72?

  2. jaguar

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    four stroking requires leaner jetting
  3. gary55

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    You nailed that one. It's amazing how much I still have to learn. Thanks again.