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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by ez dave, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. ez dave

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    hey, i was wondering if anyone had any experience dealing with jnmotors, i ordered an extra wide crankset 11 days ago and though usps was notified that there was an order generated it has not been processed. two phone calls later and no answers, the phone is at least answered, but the person on the other end has no info. sooooo, just wondering if i need to have my bank refund my card or just be a little more patient.

  2. Fabian

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    I have ordered a stack load of stuff through JN Motors and have received all of my shipments, though on one occasion i received the right quantity but some of the items were the wrong products.

    If you think JN Motors is bad, try ordering stuff from Arrow Motorized Cycles because they won't sell you parts, even if you throw money at them. Their method goes against every aspect of a proper business model.
  3. Bzura

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    I've never ordered from JN Motors, but that kind of time passing without an answer would have me very concerned. Especially if they have taken your money already.

    If it was me I would call them one more time & explain that I need to get confirmation that my order has shipped or I will be forced to call my bank. I don't like making "threats" like that, but if they keep blowing you off & it's going on 2 weeks then it's not really a threat - it's a solution at this point.

    On another note, I have recently ordered from Arrow on several occasions. Great service, great communication, very good quality products.
  4. Fabian

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    Interesting to hear you say that, because there are people who have tried with untiring levels of persistence to order parts from Arrow and got "no service", "no communication" and "no parts".
  5. Bzura

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    Very strange. Try Dave at this email address: rustgang@aol.com - he has gotten back to me every time I sent him a message.