July 27th 2013 NIGHT RACE Willow Springs Speedway 1/4 mile Paved Oval BOARD TRACKING!

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    Willow Springs Speedway 1/4 mile Paved Oval July 27th 2013 NIGHT RACE.

    Saturday JULY 27th 2013 2 pm to 11 pm

    Gate opens at 8.00 am Saturday;
    Sign waiver, get a wrist band and pay Gate Fee.

    Racers, Spectators / Pit Crew: $10 Willow Springs Gate Fee.
    Kids 8 and under are FREE

    Race Track Riding & Racing: $34.99
    2nd Race Class: FREE
    3rd Race Class: FREE

    Racer Training and Track Practice & Heats from 2 pm to 8 pm
    Races start at 8 pm and go to 11 pm
    The lights will stay on until at least Midnight or later if needed.

    and to register for the race: MotorBicycleRacing@gmail.com

    Free camping Saturday night is included with Willow Springs $10 Gate Fee and
    Sunday race spectating on all of their tracks is included as well.


    Sponsored by www.ArrowMotorizedCycles.com

    Sponsored by Jake Busey at www.TheJakeBike.com

    Sponsored by www.crmachine.com

    Sponsored by www.PistonBikes.com

    Sponsored by www.SilverStateCycles.com

    Sponsored by www.VeniceMotorBikes.com

    TROPHIES by Joker Machine!!!
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    ONLY !7 DAYS TO GO! :D


    General admission ticket includes both Saturday and Sunday, free parking, free camping, pit/paddock access, and bleacher seating.

    General admission parking, camping, and seating are "first come - first served". In order to avoid being charged more than once when you re-enter the gates you must leave your wristband on all weekend.

    Track Address: About 2400' elevation.
    3500 75th Street West
    Rosamond, CA 93560

    We are racing on the Speedway Oval which is at the top right corner of this map.
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    Willow Springs International Raceway has a ton of stuff to see and do by cruising around the miles of access roads between the 7 race tracks as well as having all the comforts of an air conditioned restaurant with cold beverages on site! :)

    Cool video from our first race at Willow in June 2011.

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    Required Safety Equipment:

    A DOT helmet is required by California law to ride a
    gas powered motorized bicycle or Moped on the streets.

    DOT rated helmet or better like Snell.
    A full face helmet is highly recommended.

    No bicycle helmets.
    No novelty motorcycle helmets without DOT certification.

    Eye protection.

    Gloves. No bare hands.

    Knee and elbow pads
    or Full Leathers
    or Motocross gear. ( Must have knee & elbow pads )

    If you wear a leather jacket you don't need elbow pads.

    Long pants, no shorts or exposed skin please.

    Ankle covering footwear or boots.

    Fire extinguisher.

    The pit road speed limit is 5 mph and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED.


    All entries must have functioning pedals.

    No multi speed shiftable Motorcycle engines.

    No Motorcycle tires. Some Moped tires are allowed.

    All 4 strokes must have oil catch cans if the breather tube
    doesn't recirculate into the motor.

    7.999 HP is the limit on the Midrange Class

    11.999 HP is the limit on the top race Class.

    Unlimited Class is over 12 HP
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    Only 10 days to go!

    Aerial view of the 1/4 mile paved oval Speedway at Willow Springs.

    Large grandstands and announcers building on the top straight of the oval.

    Smaller seating stands in the pits and parking where you can also camp
    over on Saturday night.

    Lots of lights so the track lights up like daylight. I paid the guy who is renting the
    huge generator today so we just need at least 20 to 25 gallons of diesel to run it.

    The access road is on the lower left of the pic.

    That's a natural rock formation sticking up out of the middle of the parking lot!

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    Only 6 days to the race and show.

    The Socal Motor Bicycle Races always have a one hour or more lunch
    so you can check out the awesome builds.

    Joker Machine Felt Bonneville Racer.
    250 cc Briggs & Stratton with electric start.


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    Here is a must see video of some oval track racing.

    It's not motorized bikes, it is minibikes racing on the Encino Velodrome
    back in 2009.

    looks like a lot of fun to me and racing at night will be more intense.

    The velodrome is 250 metres which is 0.155 miles = 273 yards
    The Willow Springs paved oval is 0.250 miles = 440 yards

    Sorry, but we can't race at the Encino Velodrome as they don't allow
    any motorized vehicles on it now, only bicycles.

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    I am showing up at noon on Saturday and so is Dave and the Arrow crew
    so if you want to get some training and instruction on oval track racing that
    would be the time.

    We officially start at 2 pm when the EMT arrives and the oval track riding clinic
    can continue to 3 pm. Will be very instructive and a lot of fun.

    Dave was a pro flat tracker racer on a Yamaha 600 cc and he knows his stuff.
    There is much more to oval racing than 'Go Fast turn Left!" and the skills you
    will learn will make you a better racer on the go kart track and street rider.

    At just about every race at Grange Dave is a busy guy keeping the Arrow bikes
    racing and all around the pits helping out with tuning and fixing other racers bikes.

    Willow Springs is at 2400' elevation and the gearing for the oval may be lower than
    what you are used to at Grange.

    The weather forecast changes a bit each day and is looking very good for our
    first night race. Most of action will be from 5 pm to 11 pm

    Oval track racing is not quite board track racing but it's as close we are going
    to get so this is the event for all you board track racers.
    On Sunday we can try out the other paved and dirt oval to see which oval we
    like best.

    check out the sattelite map of all the tracks and access roads.
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    Midget car racing on Willow Springs paved oval.

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    Big thanks to Norm for sponsoring the race with your www.VeniceMotorBike.com T shirts.
    We missed you and Jenn at a really fun new experience for most of us.

    Oval racing under the lights is a blast!

    Huge thanks to Rob and Greg at www.PistonBikes.com for all the prizes
    and showing up with a lot of racers and spectators.
    Rob and Greg also did a fantastic job of flagging and getting the scoring
    down on the fast paced and closely finished races.

    Scott from www.SilverStateCycles.com came all the way from Vegas
    with his friend Brad to support the oval race with another of their really nice frame,
    tank and fork kits for the hotly contested 66 cc Amateur class.

    Scott is so busy keeping up with all the orders that he couldn't stay until the finals.
    I did get to ride their 4 speed Lifan powered board tracker.
    It starts with a push of a button, accelerates and handles great with style.
    It's Scott's daily rider that he commutes 15 miles to work on.

    Thanks to Jake of www.TheJakeBike.com for providing the generator for the PA and for
    some exciting racing from his team on his favorite kind of track which would be oval.

    Thanks to Dave at www.ArrowMotorizedCycles.com for bringing out a lot of new
    racers to our first oval race and for putting on a helluva show on the track on one of
    Jakes bikes as well as setting some very fast lap times on scotto's fast Preddie.

    Great crowd of racers and spectators. You meet the nicest people at the track. :D

    A lot of people stayed overnight and hung out on Sunday morning.
    I was the last to leave on Sunday afternoon. Ending up having to get a 95 mile tow
    back to LA because of car trouble so will get some pics and the results up after I go
    over to the mechanic, pick up the results and camera reader out of the wagon.

    Thanks to Andy and Scotto for the videos and for supporting the races, you guys are the
    last ones to have been at every race. That's hard core! :)

    Buba, great to see you back at Willow Springs having a fun time. Let's do it again soon.

    here is one pic that I got from #77 Dave who won a couple of heats and came 3rd in the
    16 lap final race in the 66 cc 2 stroke Amateur Class.

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    How did I know by the title that this would be in CA?

    You guys do all the fun stuff
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    Who knew that oval racing under the lights was such a blast!

    Great turn out and some exciting night racing.

    We are doing it again on Saturday September 7th back at Willow Springs
    1/4 mile paved oval from 2pm to 11pm with the main race events after
    8pm under the lights.

    Lots of track time ...............
    You got 32 days to get your bikes together and make your plans. :smile:

    Will start a new event thread soon.

    Here are a few pics of the pits at the July 27th race.



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    The prize ceremony went off great with scotto being the fastest bike on
    the track in a class of his own.

    Yep, scotto lapped everyone and put on quite a show that has inspired
    Dave Rust and Jake Busey to build 200 cc 4 stroke race bikes to get into
    the unlimited class at the next race on the oval on Saturday September 7th.

    Scott at Silver State Cycles never ceases to surprise with his generosity by
    driving all the way from Vegas to support Socal Motor Bicycle Racing with yet
    another of his board track frames complete with a stainless tank and springer

    The 66 cc 2 stroke Amateur class was hotly contested because of Silver State
    Cycles grand prize and the 16 lap final was hard fought with #707 Gerrit winning
    the race and frame.

    #59 headtrama won the 66 cc Intermediate class with Sarge #44 coming in second
    followed by #310 Jake Busey of TheJakeBike.com

    #89 Mark Fitzgerald won the PRO class for Arrow Motorized Cycles with
    #57 Kevin coming in 2nd for Piston Bikes.

    Thanks to Rob and Greg for a bunch of carbs, throttles and other cool
    parts for prizes and to Norm at Venice Motor Bikes for all the T Shirts. :)

    Unfortunately I left the box with a couple of CNS carbs and the full race
    results sheets on the bleachers and someone walked off with them.

    Let me make a few phone calls and I can probably figure out the rest of the

    www.SilverStateCycles.com $499 for this frame, tank and fork!

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    Arrow Motorized Cycles blasts the 1/4 mile paved oval on a 212 cc built up Predator.

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    Video from one of the many 10 lap 66 cc Amateur heats.

    At the next race on September 7th 2013 we will get better video.

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    Arrow Motorized Cycles first 200 cc 4 stroke that will be racing in the Unlimited Class which is bikes over 12 HP

    Come on out on Sat Sept 7th 2013 to see and hear it rip around the 1/4 mile oval at Willow Springs

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    Willow Springs will have a food trailer in our pits serving hamburgers, chips, energy bars, sodas, water, etc from 5 pm to 8 pm

    Let me know if you want anything else on the menu.

    There is no drag racing that night so the Diner will be closed at 2 to 3 pm.

    Lots of action at Willow with the Porsche club racing on The Streets of Willow Sat & Sun right behind us.
    Motorcycles on Big Willow and M1GP racing on Horse Thief Sat & Sun too.

    Christian at Willow put our event on their website with a video from the previous July 27th oval night race.

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    Huge thanks to everyone that showed up to support coool Summer night oval racing!

    Thanks to Rob, Greg and Rick from PistonBikes.com

    Jake of TheJakeBike.com

    Dave and all the crew from ArrowMotorizedCycles.com

    Shane and his son from AffordableGoKarts.com

    lotsa Fun and some of the most exciting close action racing ever.

    Really busy today and running around so will post more later.

    Thanks for the video's Andy but I haven't had time to watch them yet.

    Whoever that was who emailed me a few pics from the race, thank you!