Crashes just a couple tales of some almost fatal incident

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  1. miketaco

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    well it starts by going to my homies house to show off my 2nd build beach cruiser cause it was my real first working build...
    i drove across town breaking in the moto show it off bleh bleh..
    on the way home was a nice stretch of side walk and nobody in site but a car as cheap as my motor..
    well i gun it trying to keep up with it ducking for speed and was keeping up a car length.. it was a 45 zone but i know they was driving under it just a lil...
    forgotten about the access ramps at the end ..hit the dip and air born the cheapy wal mart schwinn bike landed and kept gunning it xD...
    soon after chain slips and locked up the back wheel and i skid to a long stop.(no helmet was lucky)
    lil spoke damage, chain stretch tube deflated next day slightly non true hub and one bald flat spot tire got it back to running perfect

    short in simple..(3rd and current build)
    riding back on a nice day from my homie down the road... and im wearing what i call my party pants old track pant that are holy torn and flapy in da wind..
    i was just cruisein home (and no chain guard) and on my way back total lock up of my pants tangled up in motor sprocket thingy
    (skid to a stop bad ass to a side ways stop) and i couldn't even tear the pants cause it was all bundled da fak up and have to carry the bike funny and walk home all stupid looking(no helmet)
    later trying to get the bike up and running noticed the cheapy wal mart rim was was bent da fak up xD now i have mountain bike rims i got fo free

    so did i really crash? cause i was lucky both time and would easily be ****ed even on my slower cruise (still wears no helmet)

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Well, we're glad you weren't hurt.

    I don't think it's talked about much, but tying your pants legs around the ankle is a safety measure that's pretty important.

    Non-bicyclists think you look kinda silly. But getting your leg tied up in the drive train probably looks more silly. Perhaps you can testify to that?
  3. kerryh

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    yes, sir I agree. first, glad you weren't hurt. And just as goat said. f**k what motorists think. look silly. I dgaf anymore. I tie up my left leg 80's hairband style if I have fat pants on. It took only once with my pants getting caught in the sprocket and a near heart attack when it happened (had no idea what it was, just that my leg was being drawn up into the bike). like yourself, somehow killed it in time and brought her to a long skidded stop. Both in my underwear and on the street.

    Laugh all you want guys. Let my humility be your lesson. peace out!
  4. miketaco

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    **** at least i still had my pants on(tho on leg was looking like i was trying to show off some skin for a trucker pick-up)...i was just a few block carrying my bike on my back walking all funny cause it was like a ball and chain type thing i couldn't even roll the damn thing ....**** i was just confuzzled as to why i was skidding to a long stop as well..after wards was like damn chain guards and me not ever wanting to put em on proving me why we should...lesson learned still no chain guard or helmet but i got my riding jeans now there not so flappy at all in the wind
  5. miketaco

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    oh yea...classic pants caught in the chain....i was like aww fak this hasn't happen to me since i was a kid(and as i kid i usual got unstuck and ride off)... **** alls i had to do to top things off was to call out for mom or pops to come help me get unstuck would of been classic
  6. Slogger

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    +1 for chainguards.
    That story made me laugh, these adventures sound like the crap that happens to me.
    I bought a new sportster ('77 XLCH) and was doing an illegal U turn, when somehow I managed to run over my hind foot with the back wheel and pull myself right out of the seat.
    Don't make me splain how that happened, it just did. Bikes can make ya look foolish anytime.
    I saw a hardcore outlaw dude pull up to the gas pump, shut off his bike, get off and walk around it as it slowly fell over to the ground.
    He just stood there looking all around to see if anyone saw that..
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    Now I'm reminded of an old girlfriend. She lived on a steep hill. I'd park my bike (motorcycle) on the center stand, facing up hill. Of course.

    When we'd leave, I'd just quickly do a U-turn there in the road and we'd ride away, downhill. There's not telling how many times we did that without a hitch. Then there came the day when I simply mis-judged the tightness of my turn and spilled the bike in the downhill direction.

    I landed on my feet. But my girlfriend simply didn't have the warning that I did. She spilled off the bike onto her hip and rolled onto her butt and back and her head went "Wop!" on the pavement.

    She got up and said, "I"m glad I had a helmet!". Me, too.

    Yes, bikes certainly can make you look silly.
  8. miketaco

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    chain guard 1/ me 0...
  9. troyg

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    Velcro leg straps are more important than a helmet IMO.I go the whole nine and sew velcro patches on my pants so they stick to themsleves when folded into the wind.If you're riding a bike as an adult, and are still worried abpout what other people think in regards to your "looks" you have problems no helmet or straps will remedy.
  10. stroland

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    [h=2][​IMG] opps[/h]
    a broken collar bone and 4 broken ribs.i live about 2 miles from work. have one of the cheaper motors. the 46 cc.was on the new paved bike path.had tail light and was useing a haed mounted flash light.ran off the path a little. and hit some rebar were this store was putiing in a side walk. i was doing 20 or so.hit the rebar and it filped me off the bike.:veryangry: lol ill ride it angen. could have riden it home had i not been hurt so bad. ​
    [​IMG] Attached Images [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. 2old2learn

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    Bummer! Glad your still alive. A person could have easily been skewed like a shiskabob on one of those rebar supports.
  12. stroland

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    yes,if id been going slower i mite not have cleared the rebar.thanks
  13. chain

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    Man how does that 2100 hold up like that . I have one and love the thing but didn't think to do it
    like you did . awesome man
  14. stroland

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    ok i had to remove the shock and use the link. used the pins that were in the link after drilling some holes in the frame.the i ended up re drilling the holes and fliping the link over be cause the bike just sat to high for me. now its nice and low but it will drag a pedel around a sharp turn if im not care full. i got the bike at good will for ten was really handles good. i need to replace the pins with bolts as theres some slop and bending of the pins.but really i got a hard tail frame and want to just switch frames.