Just finished the my first build

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    Just finished my first build.
    Schwinn Clairmont 5 speed cruiser
    Grubee SkyHawk 4G T-Belt Drive V-Mount Kit, With HuaSheng 49cc Engine
    from gasbike.net
    I did run into some issues with this kit
    1. the motor mount studs taht came with the kit were too long, had to get replacements at ACE hardware
    2. The sprocket that came with the WIDE crank kit didn't exactly fit, wound up beating it on with a deep well socket and a hammer. while hammering I got the pin alignment just a tad off but with as hard as it was to get on I don't anticipate any slippage.
    Thanks for all the help out there!
    Terry A.

    Grubee SkyHawk 4G T-Belt Drive V-Mount Kit, With HuaSheng 49cc Engine

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  2. dougsr.874

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    Keep an eye on where the rear luggage rack is welded to the bike frame......I have seen these bikes break there....
  3. Terrydanderson

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    OK all, I took it out last night and ran her for a 15 minute run, all seems well for the moment and I will take her out for a few short runs for about 15 minutes or so each and check to make sure everything is tight. I will add to final touches this afternoon like lights, a mirror and puncture resistant liners inside the tires, (the front tire already is flat). new pictures this afternoon
  4. wheelbender6

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    Looks sharp with the thumper motor and 4g drive. Clever mounting of the grip shifter.
  5. LarryOkla

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    I am building one right now. Same kit. Same Shwinn bike. I've painted some of the parts. Want to see it? Or do I have to have my own thread to post a picture?
  6. Terrydanderson

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    If it was me I would post my own thread, own your work....LoL

    Terry A:devilish:
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    Looks like a nice bike build.