Kill switch probs

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  1. I have bought my 3rd china girl.And out of all my engines.None of them had a working kill switch.When I press It The motor only slightly slows down rpm's I have to choke my carb to shut her off.Any Ideas on this people?

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    Hard to believe that 3 out of the box are defective, but anything is possible. In a two wire switch try if you haven't already, hook them up to the doesn't make any difference which wire goes to which wire, just so they go to one wire each. If you are using the frame to ground to, I suspect a bad frame to engine ground.
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  3. the killswitch wire (yellow/red)has to go to the blue CDI wire as the black CDI wire is already grounded. I ground my switchs to the carb screw that way I a good engine ground for kill switch.
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    i took mine off and capped the white wire... thats dax sells a metal throttle housing to replace the chepo black plastic kill switch housing. be prepared to drill and tap the hole for the throttle cable because it comes too small.
  5. Thanks guys,I'll try all the Ideas and knowledge presented before me.I been using the carb choke to shut off motor.I hope to get the kill switch operational.Thank you.
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    don't really need it... I have used the carb choke since day one. IMO it looks cleaner w/out. Hope you get the problem solved either way.
  7. Not that I need The kill switch.Just would like to figure It out being my momma or some chick may hop on It and not know how to flip the choke while riding and maybe get hurt.Not to mention.I am a perfectionist.
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