Ł689 for Bike - and somebody bought it:P

other than ignition and magneto, what is electric about it? and..Wow !! What a price !!!
all i noticed is what i always notice...the pics of the kit don't match the kit on the bike...man, i'd so love to steer all happy-time sales away from ebay til they honest-up the sellers...misrepresentation p*ss*s me off!!!
Keep in mind that the many sellers use the caption or title space to place buzzwords to have the product show up on searches. The idea, in this case, for instance, would be that someone searching for an electric bike may be interested in an engine driven one as well. To be safe, many seller will say something like "Not Electric" to have it show up in a search for electrics. However, if the detailed description is accurate, I see no problem with using the tags.

This thing, I cannot speak for. I am assuming that the guy pulled pics of a kit from some other site to supplement his ad...which is misleading and improper.
yeah there's nothing wrong with the tags, when I sold my old diaclone toys (shown in my sig) I had the word "transformers" in my auctions because people know the toys as transformers, even though diaclones came first.

as for almost $900 for a motoredbike - yeah someone IS making a killing, but that is a quality job on that bike.
I just noticed this bike its the same company i bought my kit from. I just realized something everybody missed. That listing actually started from 99p, so if someone wants to bid up to £650 good for transformercycles right. Anyway its a nice bike for sure.:cool: Happyfeet.
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