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Hello everyone, i recently found this forum and ive been doing a lot of reading and ive learned so much just the short time ive been browsing

I work in the tv/film industry (well, i did up until the writers strike). i also worked for an indipendant hot rod shop in the san fernando valley. i have a love affair with vintage cars, music, antiques and pretty much anything from before 1960.
my 1958 cadillac sedan deville buick/lowerMedium.jpg slightly photoshopped picture of my 1948 buick roadmaster (its lowered, but not that low my 1958 buick

theres more, but back to the topic at hand,

about 1.5 years ago a friend got a (what i think is a 2005 Whizzer NE5). it was abused and neglected for its short life so it needed some help. my friends and i got it back together and had a blast trying to make the thing perform. he was going to take it to school with him but he never did. he gave it to his dad and the fun was short lived. the whizzer sat outside in the elements until about a month ago when he decided to let it go.

more cleaning, oil change, and some other little stuff we got the whizzer back on its feet

now ive built bikes before, but never like this
i built this one last year

im going a diffrent route with this whizzer. when i first saw these things i knew that i would turn it in to a board tracker, white tires and everything.

so i started to take it apart, i dont have any up to date pictures, but heres a sneak peak of what it is im going for

more to come.
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Nov 4, 2006
Welcome to MBc.

you sure have some cool toys!!

check out the link below.


Welcome to MBc. Ain't it get to still be a kid at heart.
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Bean Oil

I work in the tv/film industry (well, i did up until the writers strike).
You and me both, sir... I'm usually a driver over at Sony. You have more toys than I do, though. LOL.

If you like the board-track bikes with powdered doughnut tires (who doesn't?), check out user @MotorbikeMike, owner of Simpson Motorbikes if you aren't already familiar with him. Check this thread, too.

Look forward to meeting you possibly; I live on the westside near Sony. Check my sig for a pic of my motored bike.

Welcome to MB.c!





What's up Lobster boy. I am also new to the board, also thinking of building a whizzer board tracker & also work in the film industry. We should hang some time & exchange notes.

A pic of a strethced cruiser I am putting an electric motor on.


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thanks for all the great comments! i was in the production office of a few shows that were filmed on the disney lot in burbank, and since then ive been on a few music videos/commercials in the art department. fun stuff, id love to get a motorbike gang going.

for those of you in the LA area, theres a place you have to check out, up in sunland at the north end of glendale there is a home furnishing store that doubles as a whizzer dealer. back in the day they used to be a bicycle shop and even further back, it used to be one of the original whizzer motor dealers in los angeles- there are great old bicycles hanging in there, and theres also a ton of old pictures of early whizzers and old motorcycles in action. i got talking to the owner of the place one day and i was held up for about 2 hours just talking and looking thru the pictures he had.

(sorry about the file sizes)