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    [COLOR=:cool:"Green"][/COLOR]:cool: Hi my name is Jerry. I was given a 17" Land Rider Deluxe. Yes, it's true the high priced bike is loaded with crappy parts. I installed a Staton crank drive kit with a Robin Subaru engine and gear box; this allowed me to keep the autoshift system. I now have three chain rings instead of two to choose from on my crank. I had to change the two speed shiftier to a three speed. The bicycle chain, freewheel and axle had to be upgraded also. I now have a total of 21 gears. I can choose my front three gears and the seven rear gears shift automatically. The handle bars have mirrors, hour/tachometer, speedometer, (brake, signal, tail lights), horn and a headlight. I saw a web site where a 75 year old man put GEBE system on his Land Rider and was able to keep his autoshift system. There was less expense in the system he installed but I feel the system I have allows greater range with the gears. I plan to post pictures and a video soon. Is there anybody else out there doing anything with the Land Rider bikes?

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    Welcome aboard.
    Looking forward to seeing pics.