latest project

Well, after doing the schwinn Chopper for the kids, thought it looked like fun so I thought I'd try something full size. Finished it this morning (although I'm going to get a different fuel tank which will mount in the same spot). I wanted something that looked like an off-road bike, so it's got a high pipe. The engine is a grubee 50cc (lots less horsepower than the 70cc it seems, might be the fact that's it's geared a lot higher) Anyway, I've already lifted the jet needle one click to the third slot and it still seems lean. There's one click left but I'm going to watch the plug and hopefully it's OK now. This bike vibrates a LOT less than the OCC bike. I was going to call it the Stealth Bomber, but the kid thinks it should be called the Red Tailed Hawk. These bikes sure are fun to mess with.
prowler, yes there is difference between vendors and the quality. the tiger engines seem to be the best out there, IMO. l have purchased from dax also and the engine lasted 3 months brfore breaking the bottom crank bushing(engine done). you may pay a little more for the tiger engine but its well worth it, you get what you pay for. your bike looks really good :cool: " stealth bomber" suites it well, the red tail should represent the fuse for the bomb....later
hi nice it the "stealth hawk" as a compromise with your kid...whatever you call it it's way cool...good luck and happy motoring! :eek: :cool:
thats the exhaust pipe ive been gettin pretty serious about, there like 32 bucks for that stock pipe for the pocket bikes :D i just dont have a welder, the skills or the money to bend the pipe and fabricate it so that it will fit properly...

could you p.m. me please cause id like to know how you made that exhaust :D

great bike, jon