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Jun 30, 2018
If bicycles need tags registration and I.D.s then so do shoes and boots.

The law is nothing more than an opinion that will be forced upon you with violence for your safety.

in a court the ball will be played until the best man wins. If the code/statute/ordinance does not specifically

state that the LAW applies to the citizen of any state, then how do the judges and hired thugs apply these codes

on paper that state only an action yet no mention of the codes actually apply to citizens. Since it is not written in the code

in any state, those laws do not apply to anyone if you just make up the question, where do these codes say in the codes that they apply to citizens.

Be prepared to ask the same question 20 different ways until you see the triggered reaction of the biggest xenophobe in the room as they lose composure and start yelling and

insulting folks for not agreeing with the magic trick.