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Jan 11, 2008
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The Legislative Listing I posted some time ago, while a good starting point, has some holes, and there have been new laws and updates made since it was last updated.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to keep up with the updates, so I want to ask everyone to, when they come across a new or updated law in the books, to provide a link to the legislation here in this thread. By keeping the info in one place, it helps in a couple of ways:
  • It helps me get the legislative listing updated in a more timely fashion
  • it helps you keep up to date as well. After checking the legislative listing for your state, scan through the updates in this thread for your area of interest.

The Update Post you make should include
  • The State/Province
  • The Country (If NOT in the U.S. or Canada,)
  • City/County name, if it's a local law,
  • A link (or links) to the site in question that contains the information (ideally, it should point to the official state website.) I don't think we should post unsubstantiated information that's made here, so if there's no link, then I'm unlikely to include the info.
  • Links to any legal comments or interpretations that have been made about the law.
I'll regularly update the Legislative Listing to include your user handle, as a contributor, when you've supplied updated information. As I get the legislative Listing updated with your tips, I'll clean up the post in this thread, to keep it manageable.

Note that this thread really isn't a place to ask questions about laws, or for chit-chat: general questions/off-topic posts will get cleaned up. If an attorney wants to provide their interpretation or opinion of a law, possibly we can create a forum for this, where their comments can be saved, and then linked to from within the legislative listing...

Thanks for helping us keep the Legislative Listings up to date!
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