Lifan Wiring help?



I need to wire up the Lifan. I will start off by saying that I am allergic to electricity. I once hit 220 while sitting in a mud puddle, and my brain shies away from anything to do with wiring. So in some respects, me wiring this up is similar to a person with a fear of heights, walking a tightrope. While I'm trying to think about it, my brain is going, "Oh no, oh no, IIIIIEEEEEE!!!!":eek:


Here's the wiring harness I was sent. A tangled mass of wires that have 1. An on/off key switch; 2. A handlebar mount Kill switch and starter button; 3. A CDI; 4. A Solenoid; and 5. About a million wires of various colors.

And, from the engine, there are the wire from the starter, and a gang of 5 wires.

Here's the thing. The wires don't match any wiring diagram I've been able to find (about 5) some diagrams at least seem to be relevant to this motor (except without the electric starter) (the colors still don't match). The wires from the engine don't seem to match any of the wires in the wiring harness (except the green ground wire). I figure I'll end up just tearing the wiring harness apart, and running my own wiring.
And, shouldn't there be a Coil? and perhaps a Rectifier? I'll keep researching on the net, but I'd appreciate any help I can get.
With out a schematic or at least a simple diagram, you are just shooting in the dark, Van.
The connectors on the harness look like one way connectors, they are built in such a way that you can't get it wrong if the other connectors coming out of the motor were the same. Did the Lifan come with that harness or did you order that as a fit all harness? You will have electronic ignition instead of the coil, more than likely.
If you get the basics running ( spark, electronic ignitian, ground) then you can measure the outputs on the other legs to see what you have with a meter.
Hard to get info on lifan. I have been trying on a 2.8 HP for a while now.
I will keep looking for you and me.
Hi Van. I dont know the exact answer but Ive purchaced one if these simple wire harness from hooper imports and it was a dream come true. I dont know what size your lifan is, but maybe they make a simple harness for your engine. Mine was a horizontal engine. yours looks like a vertical. Ive contacted them before, and they have steared me in the right direction. graucho
The harness came with the motor, but it is for an ATV, and came with a note saying that they were aware that the color codes were messed up. Kinda like they were saying, "Connect the blue/white wire from the engine to the green/yellow wire from the harness going to the CDI. Oh, by the way, the wire from the engine might not be blue/white, and the wire from the harness might not be green/yellow. Or, those colored wires may be connected to other components.". Worst case scenario, I might have to open the Lifan to see where those wires come from, use parts of the diagrams to wire up some of it, then just wing it on the rest. I'm sure that I don't need most of the wires on the harness.
Doc. Once I got myself cool with the idea, I just cut the components out of the wiring harness. Then I marked each wire with the color it is supposed to be and where it's coming from, and where it goes to. I'm feeling a lot better about it now. I ordered a Coil and Rectifier from Hooper Imports this morning. They'll send 'em up here Priority Mail. Should be here by the end of next week.
RnR Fabrication is the company that still hasn't sent me the exhaust pipe I purchased in December, nor have they had the courtesy to respond to my inquiries. I won't have ANYTHING further to do with them.
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I've got to say, Van - that instrument lamp would be nice to hook up, with a shade over it, to light up the speedo on the bike...

So, you going to change your handle to "LifanVan" now ??? It has a sort of ring to it. or maybe a stutter...;)
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