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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Baverian, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. Baverian

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    Here is an easy and cheep way to lock your centerstand,by simply drilling a hole for a padlock.(See attachment)

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  2. Locking Sucess

    Hi Bavarian, a VERY good idea! at 97+ lbs the Whizzer is a burden to carry, and with the stand down VERY unwieldy! I had not considered the need to lock mine (immobilize) but that will work nicely! In addition, if you wanted to, you could run a cable thru that lock, and attach to other Whizzers, or anything stationary!

    Simplicity of design to me equals elegance. A mechanical contrivance, easily built, and nearly indestructable should be the goal of ALL builders.

    I wish our Throw-away society understood this as well as you (apparently) and I do.

    Good Job!

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  3. Good idea. Kinda like a disc brake lock on bigger bikes.

    I'm also going to suggest locking it to something immobile so it can't be thrown into the back of a truck. That seems to be the way most motorcycles are stolen.

  4. Mountainman

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    good call Randy

    good call Randy

    when we were young kids
    my buddy and I locked our two bikes together
    someone saw them throw our bikes into a pickup truck
    long dong gone !!!

    makes it hard to ride that THING
  5. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    Good job. I will be drilling soon. Usually the best ideas are the simplest.

  6. old whizzer

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    Thats so simple I should have thought of it [should have] and with a little cable tie to most anything GREAT IDEA!
  7. KilroyCD

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    That is a great idea! Looks like I'll be getting out the DeWalt soon!
  8. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Unfamiliar with Whizzer bikestand.:detective:

    This might sound silly, but couldn't the thief simply unbolt the stand from the frame?
  9. RdKryton

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    This method will not stop someone that is actively searching for a Whizzer to steel. Nothing will stop them. This will stop someone that is thinking they can just walk or ride off with the bike. A crime of opportunity so to speak. I don't know many thieves that carry wrench sets in their pockets.

  10. smitty

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    The way I heard it; "Locks don't stop thieves, they keep good folks from going bad." I will be drilling my center stand soon, I don't want to corrupt anybody.
    Thanks for an elegant solution.
  11. go-rebels

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    I assume that if someone wants my bike, they will throw it into the back of a truck and be gone in less than one minute, kickstand locked or not.

    I've got a Kryptonite lock and chain that I use to lock my Whizzer to a parking sign or other immovable post. It is here:


    The links are hardened and have a rectangular cross section so a bolt cutter will not work on them. Only an abrasive cut off tool will get through this lock.

    I would only use a hardened chain (not cable) to lock my Whizzer. If you get a thick chain at your local hardware store, and they cut it "to length", forget about it. Only get chain that is prepackaged in various lengths and sold as "SECURITY" chain. If the hardware store can cut it to length, then a good set of bolt cutters will work too!