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    I have been a closet reader of this forum for a long time. Well, I just decided to come out of the closet lol

    I have been building bikes for too many years to count. I started when I was 8 yrs old, with an original schwinn stingray, in 1966. I converted it into a chopper ( well, my idea of a chopper). Since then I have grown into doing different types of custom work, from custom cruisers, choppers, lowriders, rat rods, and my latest passion, board trackers. I am currently working on a chrome framed board tracker, which I am going to install a Predator 212cc into. The bike is just in its early stages, with frame work, then engine install, to come. I did a pre-mockup, but have a lot of work and changes to go. See pics below.

    1st pic-how it looked before.
    2nd thru 4th pics-in 1st mock up stage.

    Looking forward to talking to everyone on here, and sharing my build with you.

    Thank you,

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    Welcome to MBc, Rick. That is an excellent looking frame with lots of possibilities. Right now, it looks like it is designed for two guys...one to sit on the seat, pedal or tender the engine, and the second to sit on his shoulders and man the handlebars. (Just kidding, of course!) It does, however, look like it has the potential to be turned into anything you might want.

    Be sure to make use of our search function as you work your way along your build. Almost anything you get stuck on has been asked and answered at one time or another. If you get 'real' stuck, post a question in the proper Forum. That way we can keep track of each other more easily. So, go out there, get started, and have some fun. Please keep us posted on your progress or lack thereof.