Looking for cheap sys. Wifes trike. Elec

An awful lot depends on the load you're carrying and the terrain you're carrying it over Doc. My tricycle is fitted with a pair of 12volt 17Ah batteries and it gets used for mainly 'going-and-getting' or 'taking-it-to-there' type trips. It is rare for my tricycle not to be hauling a load of some kind so for me it's not so much a matter of round trip distance travelled being the critical factor, but 'can-it-take-the-load'?
The other thing to bear in mind is how much pedalling does your wife want to do? My tricycle has a two speed Sachs Duomatic hub and I'm pretty much always doing a little helping out with the pedals as I ride along no matter if I'm running light or hauling bulk bags of potting mix back from the garden centre. (My doctor tells me I MUST maintain a level of exercise with this illness I have).
With my controller I can set it to either 200watt or 250watt and most of the time I use the 200watt setting which I find to be just fine for around town. Here at the edge of the plains country things are a little undulating, but not severely so. There's certainly no intrepid type hills to face which suits me juuuuuust fine ;) I guess my speed is around 10-13mph on average.
In terms of battery capacity I think you should be Ok Doc, but I would suggest a test run with support back-up to be really certain. Are you going to physically carry the 7Ah batteries on your trike to act as back-up? Could be a good idea if you're going for a distance trial.
Thanks Sianelle for your input. Yes, I am going to keep the 7Ah batteries charged and in her basket all the time. You know the big batteries will wear out eventually and it's nice to know dhe has a back up if needed. She will be using it for a grocery getter and just for fun. I bought her a honda CT90 but she was scared of it so maybe this will do the trick. I will have to affix a lockable lid to her basket, mainly because of the cost of these batteries. What is the most distance you would guess that you personally achieved?
Yeah, you gotta watch those Honda CT90s Doc. I had one and I had to keep it chained up because it would rev its engine in a real mean way at anybody who came near. ;)
I think I've been about 12Kms at the most, but that was all stop-start and carrying a heavy load back when I was delivering supermarket flyers and had a paper round as well.
Ya Sianelle, She is afraid of that monster 90cc 4 speed.
Alass, she rode the electric tricycle and after once up the road on her way back she was smiling all the way.
Think she likes it! YaHoo
Thanks Van & Sianelle,
I just now decided that the one front pad brake was not enough especially because of the weight of the trike with batteries and rider so I welded a channel on the back and mounted another. Stops real good now but I think I'll keep her life inurance anyhow. (Grin). :):rolleyes:


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