Looking for Yellow air filter!!

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  1. AudioLE

    AudioLE New Member

    I bought a performance carb from JNMotors.

    I am looking for a yellow air filter for this carb. The one that came with it is a 60mm diameter rubber opening. I am looking for the same so it will fit properly. Low profile or regular.

    Either Yellow metal with yellow filter or grey/black filter
    Or Yellow filter with black metal or chrome metal

    Please leave comments or private message me if you can help

  2. Cavi Mike

    Cavi Mike Member

    Spray paint.
  3. AudioLE

    AudioLE New Member

    Doesn't look as good as a metal yellow like the factory ones, and my stock performance filter has red innards
  4. AudioLE

    AudioLE New Member

    polished i guess they would call it
  5. motorpsycho

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  6. AudioLE

    AudioLE New Member

    Ya I have one as well but I am looking for one with yellow chrome/metal or chrome with a yellow filter. Or even both yellow.

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  7. AudioLE

    AudioLE New Member

    Oh its called anodized yellow for the metal