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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ecog, Sep 1, 2008.

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    Anybody know about small, portable video cameras that could loop record the road in front and behind? I figure if I get tagged by some stoopid car/truck driver at least my wife and cops would have something to work with.

    Once I find the right device, will probably make a sign that reads, in large font, somethings like:


    If we collide there will be evidence of the accident!

    IMO - I can't believe how fast some of these cars/trucks drive - especially when traffic is light they seem to go faster and enjoy getting as close as possible to bicycles. Maybe they don't have their eyes on the road but it sucks to be a slower, lightweight vehicle on a fast, heavyweight roadway.

    Getting cameras on pedestrians and bicycles while publicizing the heck of it might make some of these "heavyweights" slow down a bit??? I know, wishful thinking but some type evidence would be good to leave behind...

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    Kinda thinking a video setup like this with two feeds looping would be of astronomical price...

    My take, if you start hanging signs on you or the bike... you are more likely to get hit by drivers NOT paying attention to the road and trying to read you!
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    The best method I would say is to get a cheapie digital video recorder that takes removable solid state media like SD card and can have supplemental power from an external battery. You can make a mirror mounted system to split the screen in two low tech style right side viewing front left side back. I've thought of this extensively for use in my car and motorcycle. In reality using just forward video should be enough evidence to draw lots of conclusions that should help you in court... or potentially hurt you badly. Remember if you believe you were at fault DELETE THAT SH*T!
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    Mirroring is an excellent idea! I know they've had this stuff in patrol cars for years as well as more and more fleets installing cams. I think I've heard of something for parents to install in their teenagers' cars - the technology isn't that uncommon. Doesn't need to be high-rez or anything like that and storing to flash memory is practical enough. Similar principal to cockpit data/voice recorders - record the last few minutes of whatever is happening.

    I agree about forward facing for cars/motorcycles but bicycles, even powered ones, seem more vulnerable from behind. Obviously, they don't travel as fast... This could be a very useful consumer product for a lot of traffic applications IMO.

    I hear ya Beaudry - "target fixation" is a two-way street. There's plenty times I don't want to be seen because it's simply better some idiot doesn't have anything to focus on.
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    SirJakesus - took a look at your setup. Jealous, gotcha NV!!! If only I had the money...
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    It's almost a necessity for MBing where I live ecog. It's extremely hilly here, and some of the rough roads dictate slower cruising speeds with higher torque so the NV hub comes in very handy.
    As for the cameras a forward facing camera would at least show that you're not at fault in an accident if you were off to the shoulder and somebody ran into you anyway. Most accidents I gather are from people pulling out in front of MB's because they either don't see us, misjudge our speed or simply don't care about our safety. You wouldn't necessarily need a constant X minute loop with flash memory as you could take your whole trip and simply delete video if there was nothing on it of importance. A high capacity flash memory card could easily hold hours of video if high definition wasn't a necessity. An external battery would, however, be necessary to run a small digital camera for hours on end.
  7. I already have a safety flag but maybe this is good to have too.

    It may just prevent those accidents unless the driver is drunk of course.

    He may think you are a UFO and gun for you for the reward or something.

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