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    Hi guys just a week or so ago a bought a BMP friction kit and things are fine but since it was 40 dollars for a gas tank from pocketbikeparts.com I made a homemade tank until i find somewhere near me thats sells them. Im using a half liter water bottle with both the drain line and gas line go in. The problem is I maby get 7 km off that half liter bottle is it because i drilled to big hole in bottle and lets to much air in. there is also always a little gas around the drain nipple.
    also will the BMP kit work well with a 10 speed bike. and if is it ok to drive the kit in rain like for 5 min or will it rust.

    My motor is: http://www.pocketbikeparts.com/Engine_49cc_2_Stroke_no_electric_start_X7_p/x7en302482.htm

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