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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by walthenry, Mar 17, 2009.

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    I have been lurking to long. Finally wanted to post a review on my opinion of the Scooter Guy and discovered that, first I had to introduce myself and then post 30 messages.
    So here I am .
    Age- 68
    Weight- 290lbs.
    Location- Lake Oswego, Oregon
    Bikes- Tadpole recumbent with Golden Eagle 35cc Robin Subaru.convreted
    to Mitsu TLE 43 8 speed shifter, by The Scooter Guy.

    - GT Avalanche 2, with Mitsu TLE 43, 8 speed shifter, built by The
    Scooter Guy.
    - Trek 830 Titan 4 stroke, 8 speed shifter, being built by The Scooter
    As you can see I like the pedaling drive system and mount that Jerry (The
    Scooter Guy) has developed. I will give him a good review, when my post count allows.
    Even at 290lbs. I can easily climb any hill with my TLE 43 powered GT and on the flats I can shift up and cruise at 30-35mph.
    I have'nt ridden the GT enough to tell you the gas mileage. I know the Robin Subaru on the tadpole gets better.
    Thanks for letting me introduce myself.

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    Welcome walthenry.

    I've noticed you on site, many times. Only recently noticed you had Not posted.

    Post away, Sir....'ve got Lots of very cool toys, to 'show & tell' !! :D

    I would love to see a thread about your Tadpole , in the powered trikes section.
    once again....
    Welcome to MBc.