Manic Mechanic Hub Adapters A++++

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    I hope im posting this in the right place, anyway i have to say that the manic mechanic hub adapter has got to be one of the best upgades for my bike that i have found. I have had the cheap fiber donut type - you cant seem to get the gear perfectly straight. I then went to the hd axle, still you would think that screwing the gear on it would be staight- not only was it not straight the treads stripped and spun the gear. Beyond frustated at this point i saw manic mechanics website and checked out there hub adapters. i measured the hub -perfect it was within there size range. I ordered it on saturday. im on the west coast there on the east coast -i had it on wendsday. This blew me away. It took me about 1/2 hour to install. This time I had perfect chain alignment. The 40 tooth gear that i also got from them was 100% true. IT WAS ABSOLUTLY PERFECT!! I would recomend this to anyone who is tired of messing with there chain alignment and crappy made products. On top of that it looks trick too.
    Two thumbs up for MANIC MECHANIC+++++:bowdown:

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    No Surprise with that. You go to the best there is and you get the best.
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    I wonder if i could get them to make an offset intake manifold tapped for a boost bottle that has a 40mm bolt spread....? I think i have tried every possible sourse and NOONE makes one. I dont think im the only one that could use one.
  4. Gene

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    If I remember correctly, that subject did come up once and they felt it was not feasible to make one with an offset using a cnc but a call to them can verify that. There was a dude that was making them but they were welded pieces. I don't know what happened to him, like so many they promise all kinds of parts and get everyone excited and produce little to nothing and eventually disappear.
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    My 2 pennies

    The MM is what I run on my first build- I engineered the holes in the HT sprocket to fit the thing and have not been dissapointed. I was building my own mount at the time but I snapped a tap into it and that was the end of that- looked like trash anyways and I had no source for more 3.5" diameter aluminum rod. I have since built my own mounts around my design but I have no objections to the Manic Mechanic product.
    the Old Sgt.
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    Occ Hub

    Beautifully built.
    Great idea
    Three thumbs up