Metal-on-metal noise @ high RPM



Hi all,

I've been noticing for the past week or so a very unhealthy sound coming right from the engine. At high rpm it sounds like the piston is actually hitting something, or the components are loose inside or something to that effect. In any case it is definitely not normal. I took the head off and noticed I could rotate the piston slightly left or right, and in the up-down motion it seemed to have some play. There didn't seem to be any piston damage on the top, and there was absolutely no other visible damage on the cylinder or the piston itself. Just wondering if anyone else had any ideas? :( :confused:

Thanks so much

I wonder if there is any value in people recording their engine noises. Might help us diagnose these kinds of problems.
it could be coming from the gears on right side of engine
pull the cover and put some grease (about a navy-bean sized dab)right where the gears meet
Thanks for the replies. locoWelder, is the wrist pin bushing part of what holds the cylinder on the crank? I could not find anything named as such in the crappy diagram the company gave me...

Thanks again!
The wrist pin bushing rides in the jurnal under the piston head , they are very easy to replace, and they do fail quite often in our little bundles of fun,Dax has a new needle bearing to replace the bushings I would recomend that you replace it even if its not the problem, this is just good maintainance.
Just a small install note;take your connecting rod and put it in your frezer and the new needle bearing in your oven at home,heat the bearing to 300 and freze the rod over night use good gloves and a small bench press to install the bearing ,If you dont have a press use a c-clamp and some peices of plywood as a hand press to insert the bearing
It turns out that yes, it is the bushing. I pulled the piston off the crank and ooh-la-la, the bushing was **** near cracked in half! Thanks so much for all the info. I will try to order a new one. seems to be useless when it comes to parts.

Thanks again!

As a follow-up, I'm having trouble finding a place to order parts in Canada :( Does anyone know where I might be able to order? You good ol' boys get all the good stuff ;)