Monster Felt Cruiser

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    It's one thing to see it, let me put some definition on what the build is though.

    Felt Monster Energy Drink Bicycle
    Top speed: 38mph

    24" wheels w/2" rims & coaster brakes
    66cc Jet engine w/cnc mount kit
    30t driven sprocket with hub adapter
    Stock jetting and sparkplug
    Spring tensioner
    Green motion light value caps
    Metal saddle bags for 2 gallons fuel or 1 gallon fuel and toolbag

    Graphite lubricant in cylinder
    Planed head and jug surface area
    Replaced hardware for tensioner
    Replaced hardware to grade8
    Offset cnc engine mounts
    Bent coaster brake arm
    Double catch backup metal bands for coaster brake arm
    Upgraded tensioner spring and installed spring on top right bolt of drive sprocket cover

    Major Repairs:
    Jb MetalStik to patch gas tank
    Hoseclamps for gas tank
    Replaced rear tire with 2" tire
    Swapped sparkplug after graphite
    Exhaust burned out and fell off (replaced with zero baffle bent exhaust, pic is not this current)
    Tensioner exploded - drive sprocket rod is likely bent
    Clamshell hub adapter rattled entirely apart 1x
    Fuel tank welded mounts overtightened and leaked
    Head warped and needed sanding for a flat surface area
    Case screws stripped out on drive sprocket
    Spring tensioner hardware vibrated apart, replaced hardware with double locking nuts and extra bearing
    Spring tensioner aluminum sprocket being eaten away by chain​

    Mileage :
    15 Miles per day, 74 miles per gallon

    Future plans:

    This is my 13th build.
    My previous best build was a 49cc 47.9mph 26" Diamondback. Now that I am on a smaller wheel (24") I am tuning from a 66cc until I reach 45mph, a large amount of what it will take to achieve this is :

    Abandoning the rear 2" rims and coaster brakes for a standard hub with v-brakes, this will gain at least 1mph, however will require a new hub adapter and possibly smaller than 30t driven sprocket.

    Upgraded clutch pads for quicker GPS Speedtest rides, ultimately the performance in clutchplate grip will gain at least 1mph.

    I know I will gain at least 5mph if I get an aftermarket CDI, sparkplug and carburetor.

    Last is new rings and new seals and new all gaskets after I do achieve 45mph, when I will downsize to a 49cc and retune to 45mph, by which time my rear wheel won't interfere with the chain action and I can remount the engine on a new cnc motor mount without the offset, and my used engine will go on my 26" beachcruiser for a backup ride.
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