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    I had to go to the hospital today and it was about 6 miles and it was all uphill from my house. It seems to me that the difference between my motor bicycle and my pedal bicycle is about the same between me just walking and my bicycle. On the ride up the hill I forgot that there was a false summit and if I was riding my regular bicycle I don't think I would've made it. The countryside which I am living right now is not designed for pedestrians or bicycles, but with my motor bicycle I can actually get places. I'm also not tired or worn out when I get there.

    Last Saturday I crashed my bike and I think I cracked a rib or two. My motor bike is in much better shape than me right now. Today coming out of the store with Vicodin in my pocket I encountered a four-year-old kid who stared at my bike and pointed and said "cool, neat motorbike" over and over again. I just smiled and said "thanks".

    Right now I am in no shape to ride my pedal bikes anywhere but I can still be mobile on my motorbike and it gets there effortlessly. Monday I found out that I can't go up the stairs leading with my left leg. If I do it feels like somebody took a white-hot poker and stuck it in my spine. Same thing goes for going down the stairs. Once I get outside on my bike the world changes, I'm going someplace! I still have little trouble with those first few peddle strokes but after I let out the clutch I'm off and running.

    Since my tachometer died I can't tell how many hours I have on this particular build but I do know that for a few minutes during the day I don't feel like a cripple.

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    Dude, go to the hospital or a physical therapy center t get your back checked out.... sounds like you might have done something there that might require some assistance. :grin5:
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    That sounds like good advice, and that's why I rode to the hospital. Unfortunately the folks I have to deal with is Kaiser Permanente. (Sigh)
    Lily Tomlin a comedian on laugh In used to say this about the phone company "We're the phone company,we serve kings and queens to the scum of the earth. We are the phone company we are too big to care"

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    cowboy up

    Last year took a similar fall; busted a rib right at the vertibra and
    herniated my right kidney. However in the course of my existance,
    I've probly more e.r. experience than most interns. As such, realizing
    that I already owed my entire body to medical science, I decided,
    in the interest of better medicine, to forgo any further treatment at
    the hands of 'trained professionals' indefinitely!!
    For the past 25 years I've set my own bones, stitched my wounds,
    ( fortunately they've all bin in places i cud reach so far), and pulled my
    own teeth. I rekon I've spared the profession many hours of toil and
    anguish at the hands of a difficult and obnoxious patient, whilst saving
    myself hundreds of thousands in montrously over-padded bills.
    Today I feel just fine.
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    Retro: I guess you don't have a car, because it wouldn't make sense to ride a motorbike with broken ribs and possibly fall and puncture a lung....

    Rawly: Good lord, how did you pull you own teeth? You must have anastethic (sp) numbing meds right? My wisdom tooth is killing me right now....
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    I have been told

    I have been told it only hurts for awhile, Dentistry without Anastasia has been available for a long time. Although I wouldn't necessarily recommend its practice today.
    I'm looking at the screen through a pair of two new plastic corneas and I really think they fit me much better than a cane.

    It's kind of hard to operate a motorized bicycle with the use of the guide dog. I have a feeling there would be problems with the leashes.

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    Well.... since you asked, mbatl, ya take a large saltwater fishhook, sumpin
    say for medium sized sharks and a good pair of fencing pliers. File off the barb.
    gargle for a few minutes with an 8 oz. glass of 151 overproof rum as a local.
    swaller the rum right fast ,and run that hook up under the tooth between the roots.
    Get a death grip on that hook with dem pliers and yank fur all yur worth. Iffin it's
    bad infected , that tooth'll come right out. Then pack the wound with some rum
    soaked cotton cuz it's gonna bleed like crazy. You are then free to pass out.
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    Cowboy up

    I'll bet doing that Vasectomy was tough!

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    Nuthin simpler, but I've yet to even consider it. It is my goal in life to father a
    race of indestructable imbeciles to bring down civilization by sheer force of
    ineptitude and lack of coordination. This new nation shall be known for politcal
    folly so great that it will even exceed that of the current government. (Can such
    a thing actually be possible?!!)
    Yeah though I walk thru the valley of (mis)appropriations I shall fear no national
    debt for the almighty federal reserve will always print more money forever and ever,
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    Pedal a bike solely? Not after having a MAB. I like to pedal for the exercize but i let the motor do the work. No way in **** could I just pedal the 30 mile trips I take. With a MAB I like just taking my time and enjoy the ride=freedom.
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    Well Darwin you are so rite motorbikes equal freedom and by next month thats all i'm gonna have. I got laid off and my insurance is due then and plus the van is tore up also so yeah thats all im gonna have to get back and forth places. And winter is coming up i need a dependable way my happy times are in no shape to get me anywhere im trying to get some stuff together to sell to get me a friction drive kit. I got a motor that will fit it a monster motor 49cc so maybe i can do that. I dont know yet but im gonna try the kit by dax is 165 shipped .So i'm trying to decide weather to go with dax or wait for bmp to open? But i dont know what they will have either . And i might half to go travel to find work cause i cant afford my rent. and so i need a very dependable way to get somewhere badly i would like a golden eagle kit. But way out of my price range plus it can tear up easier than a friction drive can.
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    I hear ya. I spent a lotta time in the homeless state when I was younger. It
    can b miserable, but it can also b a great adventure. If you have a bike, a decent
    sleepingbag, and a plastic tarp. you've a fair start.
    librarys are not only a source of knowledge with which to gain and hone survival
    skills. they're also a sanctuary where you can wash up and take refuge from foul
    weather. If you're hungry, restaurant dumpsters become a buffet, but in a large
    urban setting the competition can kill you. Towns of 10k or less are friendlier and
    offer a better shot at a fresh start. Begging is for the hopeless. If you can't at least
    find a day labor at the state emp. there's always sum1 who needs a lawn mowed or
    a walk shoveled. if you get money, don't spend it. keep your camp and belongings
    well hidden. There a lot of wild food for the taking if you know what and how. Just
    every thrift store will have a free box, often with things like down parkas which they
    legally re sell.
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    That should read cannot legally resell
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    iIm ok for now but i do have a good sleeping bag and a good tent small enough to hide in at nite or when ever i need to. If i half to travel im gonna ride at nite till fall then switch over im gonna try florida or cali just depends where i can take this bike to . I need some where half way decent during the winter that is not to cold but cold enough to hibernate creepy craweley things. And still warm enough i dont freeze my @$@ off but im gonna try to get something going i like the friction deal cause i can lift it up and no presure on me extra. And to bearing and a clutch drum is really not that expensive if i need them . yeah money is always a problem for food repairs and gas surely i could get a meal on occation by washing dishes or mopping floors im not pride full .
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    Friction drive is best for your situation as it will only wear tires that are cheap. Mine has reliably transported me when I had only enough to fill my 41cent robin tank. However, you say you were laid off, shouldn't you qualify for unemployment assistance before you embark cross country on a motorbike?