Motor biking for charity

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  1. I'm coordinating the All the Way Around project, which is a series of motor bike trips across various continents to raise money for the charity Water for Life. We will be using an in frame 4 stroke paired with a Nuvinci CVP on an extended frame bicycle with a forward crankset. A video specialist has been included as part of the project team to film the trip in, mostly, broadcast quality HD for blog updates and a DVD set.

    We really want to promote motor bicycle culture with the project as well.

    The first trip is down the Pan American highway from Ancorage, AK to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. We have had a lot of help from bamabikeguy, RIP, on routing plus a lot of great advice from a lot of other motorbikers, cyclist, expeditionaries and the likes. We have been very fortunate.

    If any vendors are interested in partnering up with the project, please PM me with your email and information about your company or send it directly to

    I've spent a year planning this project and I am very happy to finally have gone public with it and be able to post on the forum about it. is the website

    Will Adams
    project and mechanical coordinator
    All the Way Around