MotoredBike VS. Moped/Scooter

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Large Filipino, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Okay I think it is time that we discuss why a MotoredBike PAWNS a Moped/Scooter.
    Please. Convince me that my MotoredBike is superior.
    Today I was humming along and this scooter guy FLIES past me giving me this look. He parks his bike at the Safeway by the entrance as I putt on by then we lock eyes. He just gives this shrug like "big deal"
    Son,your little toy is G H E Y. My bike is E P I C!!
    So bring it here,guys. Tell us all why our bikes rule.

  2. Mostly because they look really cool, and we built them so we know every single nuance involved in working on them.

    And because scooters are for sissies, motored bikes are for manly men, like me.
  3. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    Take it easy boys; I ride a scooter as well as my motored bikes. The scooter is faster, has all the lights and brakes I'll ever need... I wear a full face helmet for safety and anonymity. I may appear a sissy to some but am too old to care however, I must say that I do feel more manly when riding my motored bike. I like bikes in any fashion. That's my confession and I'm stickin' to it!!!
  4. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Well I think there are several things that make motored bikes superior to scooters/mopeds. First and foremost they can go ANYWHERE a bike can go as long as you're willing to pedal a bit. Parts are pretty much universal between most bikes and engine kits which is NOT the case with mopeds and scooters. Scooters and mopeds generally cannot be locked up or stored where a bicycle can. You have the pleasure of knowing you MADE the thing you're riding, and you're it's sole mechanic. Going along with that, your motored bike is unique. You didn't just purchase a ready made product like any other average Joe out there.
    Of course mopeds and scooters have some huge advantages like better suspension and tires and much more stability at higher speeds but I kinda like not being treated as a motor vehicle and not having to ride like one. I love the ability to take my MB off road or just to stop on the side of the road any instant to absorb a good view and take some pictures. They're everything good about a bicycle without the sweat.
  5. Yea. Manly. Yea....
    I ride a WHOLE lot,guys. My speedometer failed me at 948 miles. I got it when my bike already had about 250 miles in it.I built my bike in September(?) of last year.That makes my bike 6 months old. I took that big ride to my agency twice since then and I easily rode about 80 miles just today.
    I'm thinking about a scooter for those long hauls when time is of the essence. Yesterday I barely made it home in time to meet up with my client when the bus dropped him off.
    He's home with his mother today and I've been riding from the break of dawn until just now.
    Yea,but scooters are so...DEVO. Like I need a DEVO hat/helmet.
    But then again,those mini choppers you can get adult sized frames for them. 250cc Lifan V-Twin with that auto tranny you can outrun a scooter. And they're REAL manly.
    Who am I kidding. I'm poor. I do have two trucks,though. As soon as my son stops borrowing one maybe I could sell it and get a rack mount and a mini chopper.
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  6. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Same could be said for mopeds, scooters... but prolly only a fraction of one percent of these riders could admit to it. Compared to the 75% of those with motored bikes... I guess I can see where your coming from, tho.

    Ehh... this I definitely disagree with. I have posted these 2 videos before, but they prove that some scooters are nothing but manly:

    - GoPed Trail Ripper;
    - GoPed Riot;

    I love being able to pedal if I run outta gas. It\\\'s the only thing that kept me from buying a Trail Ripper.
  7. GoPeds RULE!

    But scooters are not manly.
    They are not manly.

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  8. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Well you'd probably need a motorcycle license for anything over 50cc... you might as well just get a low displacement motorcycle or an older used one with a larger engine if you really want to boost your commute time. I'm pretty sure most mopeds are limited to 30mph without removing the governor or doing mods.

    Personally I use my motorcycle for long distance rides on nice days. The motored bike for relatively short range rides when weather is nice... and I hide in the cage when the weather is nasty.
  9. The manly thing was a joke. Sarcasm is notorious for not translating well via the interwebz.
  10. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    True that... I just love those videos. It\'s still amazing to me that the GTR46 kicks that much butt with only a 46cc engine.
  11. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    I know there are a lot of men who don't like the looks of a scooter, but who am I to criticize. Look what I ride ! The scooter,, if one of good quality,, will cost more, but will last a lot longer. They are MUCH quieter, some are pretty fast for their engine size,,, & they ride MUCH better. BUT, they aren't as KOOL cause they aren't " home built."
  12. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    Hey, no worries Sheik, I realized it was in good fun,lol.
  13. Alan

    Alan Member

    I've owned scooters, mopeds, and got laughed at in my travels. Not one person has ever laughed at my MB'S. In fact, the neighborhood kids think it's awesome (their words)

    I have a neighbor who wears his yellow windbreaker, and rides his scooter with his little dog. HA...HA...HA !! There, I said it ! :lol:
  14. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    Well, I just did about 25-30 mph on icy/ snowpacked roads. Try doing that with a scooter.
  15. Demosthenese

    Demosthenese Guest


    There are so many practical reasons as well, but honestly, that's what's in my heart of hearts. Motorbikes/Mopeds i would feel like i have to be a vehicle and follow the rues of the road and such. I'm not reckless, what i mean is i can ride this in parks, on bike trails etc, which i could never do with a moped. It's the most fun and the best toy i have.
  16. I had a Honda 750 four. 1971 I believe. I loved that thing,but one day I drove by this window that showed my reflection and I gawked cause I looked like a gorilla on that thing. Funny thing though when I see my reflection on my MB I look cool. Maybe it's because of the sunk in seat.
    For times sake,I really wished I would have kept that bike. But an adult sized frame mini chopper...GRAUCHO! Where are you? I hear you got some of these. Where you riding these at?