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    My work...

    The red Windwood I have had LOTS of trouble with. Anyone out there thinking this bike would make a great first build, IT's NOT!...I would go with the Jaguar over the Windwood any day! The only thing the Schwinn's have on their side I've noticed is the SUPER GREAT warranty these come with. The Windwood I toasted a rear rim while coming to a stop using the coaster brake (It wasn't pretty, But I survived). Schwinn sent me a whole new bike replacement because the rear rim stayed on back-order for over 2 months (FREE OF CHARGE...A NEW BIKE, AND I GOT TO KEEP THE ORIGINAL!) So after receiving the new bike for parts, I almost toasted another rim the same exact I removed the coaster brake. Then my problem was not having any brakes at all (I have since fixed this issue). I will show some newer pics of this build the next nice day we have here in St.Louis.
    Thanks for checking out my pictures,
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    :batman: I like your Jaguar! Very nice!
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    Sorry Mods...

    Sorry srdavo,
    I haven't read all the rules pertaining to image posting, I will make sure not to post IMG tags in the future.
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    we're cool.

    nice Schwinns, BTW !!