Motorizing a Schwinn OCC Chopper with a Honda GXH50, any ideas or experience?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Coupe, May 25, 2011.

  1. Coupe

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    Hey guys,
    I just went and got my SCHWINN OCC STINGRAY today and I'm ready to get everything I need to get motorized and hit the road.

    I'm thinking about getting a Honda GXH50 for the motor, but I know here in FLA BHP rating shouldn't exceed 2 and I know this motor is rated at 2.5. Anyone that can give me ANY insight into this would be great!

    Also, is there anyone out there that has used this GXH motor on an OCC 20"? If so, how did you mount it, frame or rear? I also want to make sure I get the appropriate QUALITY mounting kit for this motor, so any information on that regard would be very helpful.

    And if no one has attempted using this motor, what is a good quality 2 or 4 cyl motor under 50cc, less that 2 BHP, that is easily adaptable t this frame size? I just want to make sure my bike isn't breaking down as this will be my primary, daily driver, work transportation.

    Any insight on frame extension would be great as well. I want to create a BANGIN' CRUISER, not hot rod, that has a comfortable ride and is reliable transport.

    Again, ANY insight to anything I mentioned would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Bob Mac

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    occ chopper with gxh 50

    I have an occ chopper with a skyhawk 66 cc with sbp exp. chamber. Runs like a raped ape. Dependable as well as safe. I'm actually contemplating the gxh 50 change myself. I just built a gxh50 on a cruser frame with a q-matic trans. The ultimate 4 stroke setup. I measured the in frame and it looks like it will fit. I'll first tell you that every piece you put on the occ frame will have to be custom made so you better be handy. You'll have very few parts that will bolt right on. Everything I ordered for my bike had to be altered in some way shape or form. Which is part of the mystique of building one of these. It's nothing your going to build in a few days, if you want it right. I do my building in the winter. the summer is for riden. As for comfort, their's no suspension. They ride like a rollerskate with steel wheels. At least put a springer front end on. You will probably have to build your own motor mount to start off with. Then figure out what size sprocket you would need for the 20 inch wheel. The manic mechanic sprocket adapter is a must for that frame also.That should keep you busy for a few days. After you see how long that takes, times that by 100 and your done. Oh yeah, then it's time to pick a trans that will work with it. It's time consuming and frustrating at the same time it's very rewarding. Their's nothing like pulling up to anywhere USA and someone walks up and says "WOW that's the coolest thing I ever saw" bingo,pay day. Good luck with your build. Their's all the help you'll need right here on this site. Don't be afraid to step out a little. Consider yourself the messenger of motor biking out their delivering the message.
  3. Coupe

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    Thanks for that Bob.
    Love the description for how your bike runs!!
    Luckily I have a friend who has experience with motorizing this very model nearby and he's going to play a big part in this build (I'm very lucky to have found and befriended him). He actually has the same set up as you on his bike (stingray as well). I'm contemplating the skyhawk 48cc, but again, if we can make the honda fit, that's the direction I want to go (simply for longevity and dependability).
    Although, after some discussion, it seems to me it's not so much the motor, but the after market mounting kits and exhaust system (and break in treatment) that really play the key role of ANY engine that's installed.
    I have been researching the springer front ends all afternoon, any specific that you might suggest? I've seen some like the ones they put on the Spoiler model for around $250, but I don't know if I need all that. Just something functional and compatible with this model.
    Thanks again,
  4. Bob Mac

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    springer front end

    Their is a company that makes a springer for the occ but off hand I can't think of who it was. If I run accross it in the next few days I'll post it here.
  5. arkives1

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    motorizing a schwinn OCC chopper with a HondaGXH50, any ideas or experience?

    You're certainly right about the suspension or lack of. Due to the big saddle seat I put on mine to set the seat higher and back a bit I had to use struts going down to the frame. Very rigid and lots of vibration, shakes my contacts out, hit a pot hole and it'll throw me for a loop. I plan to put moped shocks or cut down forks from a suspension mountain bike under my seat. I originally had mine set up as a 5 speed shift kit, found I only used two gears in the city where I ride and often found myself in the wrong gear to start off from a stop so I went back to a single speed. It tops out at about 28mph which is plenty fast on this bike. He's right about needing to fabricate everything on these rides. I know James65 made a springer fork for his but have no idea how much it helped his ride or if it worked out well. He also made a great engine mount of which I have one. Probably won't work with the Honda engine though. Took me all of late fall and winter to get my bike done and it still needs tweaking. I'll attatch a photo so you can see what I mean about the rear struts and putting on shock absorbers. Good Luck with your build.

    PS: I went with a bigger seat because the stock seat is too skinny and I already have a split personality.

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    SWEEEEEET N LOW!... nice ride.
  7. Coupe

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    Well, I do believe I have most of my cycle equipment issues worked out. I have found a Spoiler not too far from where I am for a VERY decent price, which has really uncomplicated many issues (springer fork, disc brakes, etc). I did the math last night, after posting this thread, and figured I was going to be looking a a heavy chunk of change to make the bike the way I want it. I don't believe I've mentioned this in any of my other posts, but I have been contemplating getting a MB for over 4 years, and I have found the bike I love. And after looking over the OCC I purchased (also for a very sweet price), I realized there were quite a few issues that I was going to have to address to get it road worthy. So now I have a bike to build, and a back up for parts and experimenting with in my spare time.

    On your bike pic, is that a generator for the lights behind your seat? how is that lighting/signal system working for you? I was looking around on ebay and amazon and found nothing comparable to what you have. Is there a specific parts dealer that you go to for aftermarket?

    And in regard to the engine, I saw a pic of a spoiler with a robin subaru side mount, I'm thinking that If the honda is too bulky for any application other than rear mount, I'm going to look into the side mount subaru or frame mount china with a QUALITY mount kit.

    Last but not least, is there any other type of softening I can do to the rear end (aside from a good seat)?

    Again, any input or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  8. birdmannn101

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    Hey Bob Mac,

    You said, "I just built a gxh50 on a cruser frame with a q-matic trans. The ultimate 4 stroke setup."

    Where did you buy your gxh50 with a q-matic transmission? Did you have to buy the whole kit or just the engine, xmission, carb and mounts?

    That will be my ultimate set up on my next bike....Dan
  9. Bob Mac

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    test. I don't know if this is going to work. I'm trying to post a pic of my bike

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  10. Bob Mac

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    Well, I guess that worked. I'm going to put my 4 stroke back together tomorrow. If I succeed, I'll post a pic of that also. That's if I can repeat what I just did
  11. birdmannn101

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    Bob Mac,

    Where did you buy your gxh50 with a q-matic transmission? Did you have to buy the whole kit or just the engine, xmission, carb and mounts?

  12. Bob Mac

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    4 stroke with q-matic

    Their's a few guys on this site that sell them. One in lebanon Pa. JBCruzin. Here's a pic of the 4 stroke.I hope it works

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  13. Imjoaquin

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    Little bit on the spicey side

    Well as you can see from my user name that's no joke. I have been forced to ride a bike or walk... and I live 10 miles from town. So I had my OCC Stingrays just collecting dust in the barn along with my sons 2007 KTM 50 Mini that have fell out of the trailer on the highway coming from Glamis one winter. So I became Doctor Frankenstein. What I did was cut the frame and motor together out of the KTM to eliminate having to make motor mounts and believe it or not it fit perfect in the area where the motor goes. Tied it in with my TIG setup looks pretty darn awsome. I had to put a hole through the front tubing of the bike for the exhaust to go through. Then I purchased a rear sprocket kit from eBay and other doodads and Let me tell you. At take off it moves like molasses on a cold winter morning, but you get about 50 yards out and hold on to your taters kids its a little scary. My next concern is the brakes haven't decided yet. But hey im not Joaquin no more.