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I have a friend's mom that needs a motor assisted bike. Her knees are going out and uses her bike alot. She came to me asking for some help. So now im asking you. I have a tecumsech snow pup motor, about 3hp. The mounting studs and to the side with the crankshaft. I was wondering if you would have any insight as to how i would use this in a frame mount, its a basic mountain bike, can get pictures if needed. Do you think this will work or should i got with a more size approiate motor?

PS the snow pup motor need a rebuild, so if it is going to be a hassle to use, what motor would be better. Also tips on drive line will work.
needed help

Depending on your abilities and how much $ are available I would recommend getting a mountain bike that is suitable for your friend first there are lots of pix here and recommendations just do a little searching ,with regards to the motor anything can be made to work again search the various builds but my advice is buy a kit if the $ go to that much its all in there and theres plenty of advice here and most kits are adaptable to most bikes in one way or another .
Hope that helps:)
she is looking for under 100 bucks. i think im going to try and use a chainsaw engine, its on my local craigslist for $35 and its old and big. It has a clutch on it already. Is there any chain that will work inplace of the old chain for cutting? or am i better off gettin a real minibike/go kart clutch?
help needed

I think you just have to look around on the site and if your using anything other than a bicycle type set up you will have to modify and fabricate as you go its kinda like putting a different engine in a car you gotta see whats needed .sorry i cant be of more help
You might be able to get all the parts for under $100 but If you value your time at all you might want to reconsider going with a new kit. You can get a new kit off ebay, mine was $170 shipped to the house. Didn't really cost me anything because I had the PayPal money from selling junk. Your going to spend at least 3 or 4 times more time and effort fabricating every little thing to end up with a homemade rig with half the power and old used parts. If you factor in cost of labor it's really going to be much more costly building your own than getting a Kit with everything you need.
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