Muffled but unrestricted exhaust idea


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Sep 18, 2019
Been searching forever for an easy way to upgrade the stock exhaust. Problem is that everyone here claims that the cheap banana exhausts off eBay are crazy loud and don’t really boost performance while the poo poo exhausts are quiet but don’t do anything. I know about the SBP and dirt bike mufflers but I’m new to this hobby and don’t have a welding machine or the skills necessary to make a custom exhaust. I found a muffler on Amazon with a review claiming that it fits on to a chopped off stock muffler pipe and is much less restrictive. I’ve got an angle grinder at home and some exhaust sealer. Could I get this muffler on? If so, would it be an improvement over the super restrictive stock? It’s only 22$ and I’m willing to try. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. - setup is 2 stroke 66cc Chinagirl