Exhaust Murphy Muffler

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  1. Rattail

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    I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to the silicone rubber Murphy Muffler? I remember seeing an article about it in an old Popular Science article.I recently found the article online: http://tinyurl.com/cvudtj3
    I like my new Toro mower,but do not like the fact the new mowers run at a fixed speed-loud! My old mower had a throttle,and I often used it. Anyway,I could sure use this type of muffler on my mower and leaf blower.:-/

  2. srdavo

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    Not familiar with the Murphy muffler....but I am sure somebody on here is.

    It was fun browsing the 1973 Popular Science mag. Brought back memories.
    I turned 16 that year. I would have loved a Gremlin. We had a Hornet.

    Welcome aboard.

  3. Randy Pavlik

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    I have a Murphy Muffler for a large dirt bike. It's new and in the box , I also would like more info on Murphy. Randy Pavlik
  4. Steve Best

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    There was the DB Snorkel that worked quite well on 250cc 2 stokes.
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