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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by masterx1234, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. masterx1234

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    you guys wont believe this, my boy go fast kit didnt even have a head gasket!! no wonder the dang thing wouldnt start, so letting you guys know to avoid him at all costs

  2. cromartie

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    Might have been an honest mistake. Mine has one and bought it this week.
  3. Al.Fisherman

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    Although I won't buy from him or luckyearlybird on Ebay (related..), I have to respond. First this can happen with ANY vendor. They don't put these engines together. They are shipped in the same box that they receive them. As far as missing parts, they are not the best by far on replacement or warranty.
  4. motorpsycho

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    exactly, bgf doesn't have anything to do wioth how the engines are assembled....he's a drop shipper.
    what you get from bgf, comes directly from the factory that builds the engines and puts the kits together...he's just a middle man, making some money re-selling the kits.

    now, on the other hand, you shoudl be able to get ahild of him and he should provide you with a new headgasket free of charge.
    i have bought several engines from bgf and i have not had a problem with any of them.
    I have read bad things about his customer service, but i have no experience dealing with him for customer service.
    I know that if i was the seller and you got an engine from me with no headgasket, i'd send you 3 of them for free to make up for the mistake.
  5. wbuttry

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    thats rite they drop ship them they come in on a big boat in a green giant crate they pick up crate with all these little bgf lucky lady bird bmp of statton and abunch more vendors fite over they dont open boxes the way you get them is the way the chinesse packed them i bought my first motor from bgf in september last year and almost a year later fires up first crank i put 40 miles on it today i bet i have 2 or 3 thousand miles on it easy i ride it everyday 5 to 10 miles at a time like today i went on a extended ride love it here is a video of a bgf motor in action with at least 3000 miles on it and still kicking.....
  6. Al.Fisherman

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    These engines are not drop shipped. If so they would come from China and take a month or so to be delivered. Drop shipping is where I'm the seller will take your order, pay me and I call the factory/warehouse and they UPS or FED EX them. So even tho they send them out as received, I to would back up the product. I sell a clutch roller on two sites, should someone have a problem, they are 100% guaranteed...and no questions asked. I have not had one complaint about my product in maybe a hundred or so. I believe in full service after the sale. My Ebay is also at 100%, so why shouldn't I expect any thin less from vendors to hold up to their advertized warranty?
  7. wbuttry

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    Well im not much on the shipping side i care less about the terms you use all i know is bgf doesnt package the kits or goes through them and picks out parts he ships from a warehouse as far as he is concerned evertyhing is there
  8. masterx1234

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    well just found out why the engine wouldnt run, theres a huge hole thats beneath the air fin right next to the intake manifold!, gas and oil have leaked all over the engine
  9. wbuttry

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    have you talked to rick about it he always likes to help the best he can you will half to send the motor to him and he will send you a replacement
  10. wbuttry

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    it should cost about 25 to send it to him and he will pay the return shipping
  11. q999

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    I have two motors and I'm happy but...

    I have two motors and I'm happy but...he does sell some junk..
    turn signals are junk, and I spun the sprocket on a $55 hub and brake set up..
    but all in all the engine is a happy times..and I will buy more..
    if you have a problem, he should work with you..send it back asap..
  12. Stan4d

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    Please.....there is a vendor review forum for stuff like this.