My current and first build Chelsea

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  1. Only thing left is buy a jackshaft, wire everything, run cables and make a gas tank :D Has a 3.5 150cc Tecumseh Engine, rear band brake, front coaster brake. Painted Maui blue and Pearl White

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  2. Some more progress on the looks xD
    Getting some sheet metal, gonna start the gas tank here soon

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    looking good cant Wait to see the tank
  4. Thanks, I've never liked the gas tank I bought that are made for these, too un-motorcycle-y. So I'll be sure to put detailed pictures of the gas tank build. I've also been thinking about putting the old jackshaft I made from a Go kart hub, even thou it never worked right, instead of buying the kit. If I can get my old one working right, that would be great. Then it'll be drivable again
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  5. Front Coaster Brake

    I created a rig for a front Coaster brake. It works great! The wheel has so much leverage thou it lifts the bike up. I'ma have to create a bumper for the suspension to stop this, I feel I lose braking power from it. Hopefully a gas tank will add some weight and help. We'll see. But so far it stops this thing pretty quick!

    Can't see it in these pictures, these were taken right before I added it, but I just put a spring to disengage the brake.
    Thought I'd also show off my mud flap, with the Veineas V xD haha, I love the tiny details on projects like these

    Any questions, ask. Any constructive criticism, please share

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    Very creative!

    I like it, thanks for sharing.

  8. Thankya! And I'll be sharing the current progress of the build in the my other thread. Next thing to tackle is the gas tank xD
  9. Gas Tank Phase 1

    Made a cardboard Mock-Up of the gas tank, how does that look? I think it'll work

    Maybe ya'll can tell me before I get to a pump to measure, but what's the diameter of a Petroleum Fuel Nozzle? So i know what size brass cap fitting to get for the tank.

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  10. Started the Gas tank.
    If ya'll don't know by now, I am CHEAP! Haha, we just recently purchased a new washer and dryer, the old ones were taken to the scrap. But before that, they were taken thru ABF's scrap xD I took all the sheet metal off em and that's what I used. I just have to wear a face mask when cutting this stuff due to the paint (Probably powder coat or enamel)

    I have succeeded in making the over all cost of this project, take a guess, at around 40$! :D

    Acquired a few compressed air power tools in my garage. First time ever using air tools, I love em! :grin5:

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  11. Started the wiring. Once I make sure it all works I'm solder and clean it all up

    Wiring is a lot harder than I thought.

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  12. I'm guessing I wired it right :grin5: Haha, all the switches work. Now I just have to make a battery box and some way to charge the battery. And a blinker solenoid. But they work! My high beam is pretty dam bright lol
    If ya'll havn't noticed.. I've build more of an illegal motorcycle than a legal motorized bike xD Should be a fun toy

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  13. Gas Tank welded up!

    Here's the update.
    Recieved my speedometer today, it's a vintage model, can't remember brand off the top of my head
    Ordered a Felt Thick Brick tire for the rear wheel, should be here mid week.
    And welded the gas tank up. Looks great! Really compliments my square saddle bags
    Only think left to do is epoxy it, paint it, add the Chelsea name and glue my Veineas Logos on
    I will also be starting my suicide shifter this week. Will post detailed photos as it progresses

    But here is photos of the tank!

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  14. Jackshaft mounted!

    I received my felt Thick brick tire today and mounted it to the rear. I absolutely love it!
    I also mounted the Jack shaft. Won't be too long before she takes her first steps!

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  15. Hurst Suicide Shifter!

    Found a Hurst shifter knob in an old Buick in the junkyard.
    This has to add like 5mph to my top speed! xD

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  16. Just some updated pictures, I mounted the gas tank and applied the Veineas logos

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    Dude, thats a really nice build, good work!
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    Nice build... good build man.