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    I am 64, retired, and have been reading this forum for one year. I have dodged many pitfalls by hearing the multitudes of good advice. I have 3 motors now. one has 800 miles on it and is the most fun I have had in years.
    "Fixin ta" (about to) do a hybrid longtail bike from a standard frame mount in front and a fully suspended frame, less the forks in the rear welded to the seat post. This will be my shopping/work bike. When I finally get this done I WILL post pics.

    BTW I recommend a cheap hunter orange hunting vest when riding. It is much harder to miss me... uhhh... HIT me.
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  2. Alaskavan

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    I don't need no vest. The ultra banana yellow trike is bright enough by itself. My worry is people hitting things because they're too busy looking at me. Welcome to MBc.