My motor was acting sluggish, need help diagnosing

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Norm, Jun 14, 2008.

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    I was testing the maximum speed of my ride for the first time. I had the throttle full open most of the way (for maybe 3 miles) with a few short breaks at stop lights. The power was awsome. Then on a slight downhill slope I had her at full speed. Then the motor lost power rather quickly and sounded to me like she was being severely choked, had no pwer at all (sort of having trouble running or running out of gas). I pulled over and let her idle which she did but with a muffled sound and when I gave some throttle it died. Then I tried the choke on full and that helped her run a little better (normally when I choke it just kills the motor so I don't use it). So I choked it and reved it a little and it ran for about 10sec and died. Then I unchoked it and started it again and the symptom dissipated and I rode home with full power again.

    Then It leaked gas on the foor when it was parked. The gas wasn't coming out of the overflow tubes. It came out between the air cleaner and carb.

    Fule line clogged? That's just my guess cuz of the improvement when I choked it. Balanced out the air/fule mix. I'd love to hear what a real small engine Mech thinks. Or even an amature one.

    grubee stg 2 whopper stopper
    4 cycle
    about two hundred miles

    Thanks, norm:confused:

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    i think something either got in your jet or the float stuck for a while or the gas petcock wasnt letting enough gas flow to carb.
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    Yeah, that's probably the answer. I'm still confused about the fule leaking after shutdown. It has happened before but it has been pretty rare. My petcock doesn't close off the line completely but still fule rarely leaks out. Now I'm putting a piece of innertube around it and clamping it with a surgical forcep. Problem solved.

    thanks for the reply

  4. Norm could you show us a pic of what you did? My Titan has essentially the same engine and although it hasn't happened to me if it does I'd like to see a visual as to what you did.
  5. Norm

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    Sure, I'll post up a pic when I get home this eve. I'm at work til 715p cdt:(

    Of course the best solution I think is to put an inline valve on the fule line. I think this situation happens when the carb gets fludded. Then you have a continous stream of fule from the tank to the carb and the fule just syphons off.
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    The Huasheng doesn't have a fuel stutoff on the carb? The Honda has one built in...but to tell the truth I never use it. The built in shut off is why I didn't bother using the supplied petcock.
  7. Norm

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    If it has one it's very discreet. If the petcock sealed off it wouldn't need one.
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  9. Oh okay. Thanks!

    You're just insuring the gas won't drip down.
  10. Norm

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    I don't recommend using this method. It is a little traumatic on the tubing. Something with a more gentle squeeze would be more appropriate. Today when I got home from work it didn't drip so I didn't clamp it. If it isn't dripping right away after shutdown I don't think there's anything to worry about. Like I said I think it only drips if the carb is flooded.