my new pusher trailer

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  1. MaxPower

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    I'm still fixing some kinks but it seems to work well. got it up to about 25mph. I'm able to use the gears of the tag a long trailer. it will probably go faster. I get some wobble at higher speeds. thinking of some stabilizers. any ideas?

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  2. james65

    james65 Member

    Pretty unique build. Gives me some ideas. Why is there a pedal ? Do you have any problem starting?
  3. MaxPower

    MaxPower New Member

    I do not have a pull start. I start the motor with the pedal. I have to take the derailleur side chain off every time I want to start it. It's not difficult and its effective.
  4. h0tr0d

    h0tr0d Member

    Now that is what I call a CONTRAPTION!! Too cool man!

    The problem with powered trailers is that they want to go faster than the passenger bike. I'm not sure how to stabilize it.
  5. DiamondBack

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    Just poking around, getting ideas for my own little build, and wondered if this had a solution. I really like this idea. I have an idea to use a spring, to keep forcing the pusher to the ground. I'm guessing the pusher is getting "on plane" once you reach the 25mph speed. Even an air shock, from a scrap donor mtn bike, will work
  6. MaxPower

    MaxPower New Member

    I've actually got the pusher up to 35mph. I've since dismantled the project and put the motor on the a mountain bike. The problem is that the motor is not heavy enough and it will bounce all around. I don't think shock absorbers will help because of how light it is. It was fun idea.
  7. seanhan

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    Now that's what I call thinking out of the Box !!!!

    Way WAY out there .....

    Way Cool !!!
  8. chaput87

    chaput87 New Member

    The only thing I could think of is to lower the center of gravity. You could make the trailer longer and design a mount underneath for the engine.
  9. buck

    buck Member

    I agree with chaput87, I believe that your center of gravity is too high. Really interesting build, I would try to place the engine down lower and drive the chain straight back to the crank sprocket.
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