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My Poor Bike (broke frame/dry fitting)


Mister R

Hey guys. I'm a little saddened by the events as of late. I'm sure several of you have experienced this. Rif, I know you have. Yes, tonight my frame broke. Down tube snapped clean through up by the head tube. Only have about fifty miles on the engine so far, and it runs great, no problems there. Tonight I rode it six miles to my mom's house and almost made it back. Had to walk the last few blocks. Oh well. But now I must find a new frame. I'd like to go with a brand new one and avoid frame breakage. I want to stick to the cantilever cruiser style, as my old dearly departed Evans was, but I want to ensure it will be strong enough. I figured you guys in your infinite wisdom would be able to guide me. Would the 80cc engine fit in the Schwinn Heavy Duti frame? My worries are that the straight tube under the top tube would be in the way. Any ideas guys? Lookin' for strength.

Dang I'm long-winded.



a good fit

Mister R...take you engin with you to the bike shop (tape the mounts so you do not scratch the bikes ) do an on site fit check make sure the bike fits you and your motor.