So this finally broke...


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3:23 AM
Jan 5, 2020
Kelowna BC
I got these Electras maybe some day I'll do something with em
We rode them for years, then E bikes became popular in 2015. Plan was to go electric wheel kits but that didn't happen,
Actually I would like to sell them, Yeah, I keep em covered hanging up in the garage
Except for a little surface rust on the sprocket (it'll clean off) their like new,
I've seen people asking $1K for this set

Color - Rootbeer & Cream
All aluminum w/rear rack - weight 25 lbs
3 speed Nexus rear hub
Right mirror, water bottle holder
Ladies bike, tassels & baskets
I have a couple pedal bikes, Schwinn 5 Star, 6 speed cruiser. Similar paint job as yours but in blue. I also have a Reebok Oregon Pro, 24 speed mountain bike 700c.